The Body

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Country: USA
Labels: At A Loss Recordings
Thrill Jockey Records

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Formed in: 1999

1999-2010 Sludge metal
2011- Industrial metal
2014- Avantgarde metal
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1999-  Lee Buford - drums
1999-  Chip King - guitars, vocals
2010  Chrissy Wolpert - piano, vocals
2010  Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - vocals
2010  Brad Dumville - vocals
2010  Steven Vallot - vocals
2010  Patrick Reilly - viola
2010  Keith Souza - synthetizers, percussion
2010  Daniel Schleifer - sousaphone
2010  Michael Jeffries - saxophone
2010  Scott Reber - keyboards
2010  Ryan Seaton - guitars, saxophone
2010  Alex Barton - drums
2010  Seth Manchester - drum programming
2010  Gus Martin - bass
2014  Bobby Krlic - synthesizer
2014  Matt Mellon - drums
2013  Leslie Weitz - additional vocals
2013  Reba Mitchell - additional vocals
2013  Chrissy Wolpert - additional vocals
› 2016  -//- vocals
2014  Ben Eberle - vocals
2016  Maralie Armstrong - vocals

Latest reviews

The Body are quite prolific, having amassed a dense number of full lengths, EPs, splits, and collaborations over their 20 year career. This inevitably raises the question of "can a band that pumps out so many releases maintain quality between them all?" For The Body's latest collab with Whitehorse, then, we're about to find out.   Review by Apothecary ››
For a band whose number of collaborations rivals their actual output, The Body still manage to captivate with their own material. Following up their self-described "gross pop" album, now there's a few more twists and tweaks to their experimentation with electronic sounds.   Review by RaduP ››
If you're not a fan of fucked up music, you may as well want to stop reading this review.   Review by Apothecary ››

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