Megaton Leviathan

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Country: USA
Label: Blood Music

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Formed in: 2007

2007- Drone doom metal
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2007-2012  Andrew James Costa - guitars, keyboards, vocals
› 2012-  -//- bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
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2008-2012  Chris Beug - bass, cello, violin
2009-2010  Kathryn Joy - drums
2010  Jason "Noyouyesme" - drums
2016-2019  Andrea Morgan - violins, vocals
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2007-2011  Matt Brim - drums
2012-  Ford Tennis - drums
2014-  Mark Vello - drums

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Have you ever been entranced by those nature films with no dialogue - just rolling landscape, panoramic shots? Dumb question - of course you have, everyone watches public access television at 3A.M. Have you ever thought to yourself "this is nice and hypnotic, but they really oughtta choose a better soundtrack?" Well folks, Megaton Leviathan is the perfect soundtrack.   Review by Doc G. ››

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