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Country: Japan
Label: Toy's Factory

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Formed in: 2010

2010- J-Pop
2010- Melodic death metal


2010-  Su-Metal - vocals
2010-  Yuimetal - vocals
2010-  Moametal - vocals
2016  Tatsuo - guitars, bass
2016  Leda - guitars, bass
2013-  Takayoshi Ohmura - guitars
2013-  Boh - bass
2013-  Hideki Aoyama - drums
2013-  Leda - guitars
2013  Ikuo - bass
2016  Rob Halford - vocals
2015  Herman Li - guitars
2015  Sam Totman - guitars

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Is it possible to review a band like this without becoming mired interminably in the comically astronomical depths of controversy that dog any and all assessments of them? No, I suppose it isn't. Babymetal are not reviled - they are super infinity-plus-one polarizing to a degree that defies precedent, enough to make dimethyl sulfoxide look like hexane. But now that we've acknowledged as much, let's discuss this album like adults, shall we?   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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