Jeffrey "Jeff" Walker


NA- Electro Hippies - guitars, vocals  
1985-1987 Carcass - bass (as Jeff Walker)  
1988- Carcass - bass, vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
1995-1999 Blackstar - vocals, bass (as Jeff Walker)  
2004- Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers - vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
2006-2016 Brujeria - bass, guitars, vocals (as El Cynico)  

Guest musician

2004 To Separate The Flesh From The Bones - vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
2005 Napalm Death - vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
2007 Aborted - vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
2011 Lock Up - vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
2014 Corrupt Moral Altar - vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
2014 SSS - vocals (as Jeff Walker)  
2018 Bloodbath - vocals  
2019 Spoil Engine - vocals  
2020 Cadaver - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: El Cynico
Born on: 25.03.1969

Jeffrey Walker (born March 25, 1969) is a bass guitarist and singer from St Helens, UK. He is best known for his work with the death metal/grindcore band Carcass for which he was also the main lyricist. Before Carcass, he played in the punk band the Electro Hippies. After the demise of Carcass, he went on to form Blackstar with two former Carcass bandmates. In some territories the band was called Blackstar Rising.

In addition, he made cover artwork for a few albums. The best known is Scum by Napalm Death. He is also credited for the cover art to the cult Axegrinder album Rise of the Serpent Men. He also designed Diamanthian's (a Liverpool based death metal band) logo as well as producing their debut album.

Whilst in Liverpool, Walker was well known amongst radical left-wing activists, especially for his work as a hunt saboteur.

Jeff along with Bill Steer ran the short-lived record label 'Necrosis', which was an imprint of Carcass' label Earache Records and that had bands such as Cadaver Inc from Norway and the band who'd been an influence on both Carcass and Napalm Death previously, America's Repulsion signed to them. The latter of whom released one of the seminal albums of the period, influencing numerous bands that followed. Jeff Walker also reputedly painted the cover of one of the editions of Repulsion's Horrified.

Walker also appeared in an episode of the Sci-Fi comedy Red Dwarf along with Bill Steer. He performed as 'Gazza' a 'neo marxist nihilist anarchist', the bassist of the band 'Smeg and the Heads' in the 1989 episode "Timeslides" along with Carcass bandmate Bill Steer as the "whacked-out crazy hippy drummer" 'Dobbin'.

A solo album - Welcome to Carcass Cuntry - was released on 9th May 2006 on Fractured Transmitter Records under the moniker 'Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers'. The album consists of covers of country/blues songs with a metallic twist. Various guest appearances on the album including former bandmates Ken Owen and Bill Steer as well as members of the band HIM.

Walker appeared as a guest singer on Napalm Death's The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code album on the track "Pledge Yourself to You". He has also worked with This Is Menace, singing on the tracks "Onward Christian Soldiers" and "Pretty Girls" while also supplying vocals to Mnemic's "Psykorgasm". He has also appeared live with the Finnish grindcore band To Separate The Flesh From The Bones.

Walker was recently the touring bassist with Brujeria under the name El Cynico. He is now preparing to tour with the reformed Carcass, who are scheduled to make an appearance at Wacken Open Air. His bandmate Bill Steer hinted in a recent interview that a new Carcass album could be possible.

Walker practices a vegan diet.