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Erna Siikavirta


1997-2005 Lordi - keyboards (as Enary)  
1998-1999 Ancient Ceremony - vocals  
1999-2001 Grain - keyboards  
2001-2006 Arthemesia - keyboards (as Magistra Nocte)  
2006-2007 Deathlike Silence - keyboards  

Live musician

1998 Children Of Bodom - keyboards  
1999 Sinergy - keyboards  

Guest musician

1999 Bergrim - vocals  
2001-2002 Markku Klami - synthesizers  

Personal information

Also known as: Magistra Nocte, Ms. Erna, Enary
Born on: 08.10.1977

She has been playing piano since she was three years old, and is influenced greatly through classical music, and classic rock. One of the main people that she looked up to throughout the years of her playing piano was Jens Johansson. Also, Erna has a spectacular voice, and as for her voice, she looked up to people such as Paul Stanley (from KISS) and Eric Adams (from Manowar).

Children Of Bodom:
Her very first band she had ever played live with was Children of Bodom, she went on their last few tours with the Nuclear Blast Festival in 1998. She played as a session keyboardist since Janne Wirman (C.O.B's present keyboardist) could not make the last few tours because of his studies. This tour was very different for her, she wasn't used to the heavy metal headbanging, and her neck often hurt. Before these tours Children of Bodom, she had only been on stage four times, and had only been drunk one time before in her whole life. On these tours, she had gotten drunk three times, and had some close encounters with some members in the other bands that she was touring with. Such as Covenant's drummer Hellhammer, while they were sleeping on the tour bus, Erna woke up and found Hellhammer laying beside her in her bunk. The truth was that he was actually to drunk to climb into his own bunk, so he went into Erna's bunk instead. She couldn't wake him up, so she just rolled him on the floor where he never woke up.

Ancient Ceremony:
In autumn of 1998 and 1999, her second band that she played with (only recorded with, not live), was a black metal German band called Ancient Ceremony. She sang soprano on their album "Fallen Angels Symphony".

Also, in 1999, she joined Sinergy on their "Beware the Heavens" tour. While Kimberly Goss (Sinergy's front woman) played the keys on the actual album, Erna only played the keys live when they were on tour. But also, in that same year, Sinergy decided not to include keyboards in their music anymore, so they fired Erna.

Grain and Markku Klami:
After being with three bands, she then joined a Finnish band named Grain. Later in that same year, Erna did a guest appearance as a singer on the demo "Portal to the Minds Eye" (from the Finnish one-man-band Bergrim). Unfortunately, in 2001 Grain spilt up, but in the years 2001 and 2002 Erna appeared in the songs "Hymn For Christmas" and "Meditation I (op. 10/1)" (the songs of the Finnish musician Markku Klami) where she played the synthesizers.

Also, in 2001, she joined Arthemesia as their keyboardist, under the stage name "Magistra Nocte". She is still a part of Arthemesia.

The largest project that Erna has ever been a part of was during the years 1997 and 2005 when she was with a Finnish band called Lordi. She played as their keyboardist, and was known as "Enary". She joined the band in 1997, but actually first met the band in 1995 when her, and the rest of the Lordi members met on a cruise ship going from Finland to Stockholm to see a KISS concert. In 1999, their first album that they recorded was called "Bend over and Pray the Lord!", but this album was unfortunately unreleased. In 2002, Lordi came out with their "Get Heavy" album and their first single "Would You Love A Monsterman?". Throughout the years 2002 and 2003, Lordi was touring with their "Get Heavy" album. In 2004, they came out with the album "The Monsterican Dream", and their hit single "Blood Red Sandman". In 2005, they came out with their album "The Monster Show". In the summer 2005, Erna was asked to leave the band because "The personal chemistry of the band was just unbearable" (as stated by Mr. Lordi). This was unfortunately right before their Eurovision victory in 2006.

Deathlike Silence:
Nowadays, she is a member of the Finnish "grave-digger" heavy metal band Deathlike Silence. She joined Deathlike Silence in summer of 2006. In 2007, they came out with their album "Vigor Mortis", which got into the top 40 on the Finnish charts.