Decrepitaph - Biography




Decrepitaph started in early 2005 as a solo project of Elektrokutioner. At the time, he was playing drums for a thrash band called Skulleton, but he also wanted to play in a true Death Metal band influenced by legends like Asphyx, Grave, Incantation, Autopsy, and countless others.

Unable to find any other musicians in his area of Massachusetts, Elektrokutioner decided to make the project a one man band. The song writing process was slow and not much was done at first. A lot of rehearsal riffs/songs were completed over the next year in preparation for a demo. Finally, in May 2006, a five track demo CD entitled Grotesque Dwellings was released in a limited run of 100 copies. All the material was written, performed, and recorded by Elektrokutioner in his practice spot. At the end of 2006, Elektrokutioner moved from Massachusetts to Texas and decided to look for musicians.

In the beginning, it wasn't clear if this would be for Decrepitaph or another project, but after meeting Sinworm in June of 2007, it was decided to make Decrepitaph a full band. The duo quickly wrote 10 songs in less than 5 months with both Sinworm and Elektrokutioner coming up with riffs between practices. The weekend before Halloween, Decrepitaph recorded the 8 song Ancient Death Metal promo at Elektrokutioner's home studio. This was meant to show everyone we the band was still around and what the new line up sounded like. At the end of 2007, a good friend of Sinworm named Daterape joined as the bassist, adding a lot to the low end sound of the band.

Now the band have Sinworm on guitar and lead vocals, Daterape on bass and backing vocals, and Elektrokutioner pounding the skins of hell. All of the band members get together with guitars and write material, so the huge realm of influences will always be apparent in the music of Decrepitaph.

In 2008, Decrepitaph started working with Razorback Records for the release of their debut full length CD. In December 2008, Condemned Cathedral was released to the Death Metal underground.