Unearth - Biography


Unearth are a hardcore hybrid combining crushing metal with uplifting lyrics. They formed in 1998 in eastern Massachusetts with the intention of bringing fresh, emotionally charged songs to the metal genre. Combining the fundamentals of metal with a novel, new school urgency, Unearth weave elegant harmonies with stark brutality. Their lyrical focus does not fall into step with common metal troops. They steer away from the common contrived ballads of destruction, hatred and ill will toward man. They draw upon their collective visionary and inspirational beliefs in hopes to motivate and captivate their audience. Unearth's music is not easily partitioned into one style. Dual guitar harmonies are matched with brooding bass-laden breakdowns supporting harrowing vocals. They produce a caustic metal-hardcore sound near where Turmoil and Indecision meet. Unearth produces a poignant feeling of power and beauty, conjuring up visions of the atmospheric and apocalyptic.