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Ever thought what a combination of Blondie, The Mission and Within Temptation should sound like? Well, check out Sengir's debut album 'Guilty Water'. Beautiful female vocals, ethereal keyboards and driving guitar rhythms are combined perfectly to heavy emotional songs with a hard edge and a mysterious atmosphere.

Sengir's debut album was recorded and produced by Xavier Carion, the former master riffmeister of Belgium's most heavy and successful Channel Zero. Thanks to Xavier's years of experience at the top of the international metal-scene, Sengir managed to create a new masterpiece in dark metalrock. Although the band was contacted by more than a handful of international labels, they decided to sign a worldwide deal with the ambitious Buzzville Records (home of other successful Belgian recording artists, such as The SemiTones and Cowboys & Aliens,).

Everyone who thought the Netherlands was the only country responsible for gothic rock, in combination with female vocals and a commercial approach, is completely wrong. This Belgian band provides you with all the ingredients for the next chapter in the gothic rock novel.

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In 2007 the band called it quits.