Krux - Biography




Biography (old from 2002):
The story of KRUX is short and simple and would only take a minute to tell. That is if you don't mention all the names mainman Leif Edling had for this sidekick to his reawakened Candlemass. One day it was Pluto, the other day it was Teufel. Third…..nevermind…KRUX it was…..finally.

Always with a cynical grin on his face Leif thought it was a great idea to name the band after all the shit he goes through everyday just to try to live, exist and survive in the hostile surroundings we call jobs, relations, social lives, families, humanity, civilisation etc etc. Being sacked from his job as a web-administrator at a swedish music site and single again after ending his umteenth interaction with a member of the space alien race some of us might call women, he approached Jörgen and Peter from The Entombed - also his fellow musicians in Devil Sun..

"Do you wanna do something heavy, epic and ultra powerful?" he asked his comrades in metal. "Sure baby" they answered and without even thinking they happily did everything he asked for except extremely embarrasing sexual services containing small- but oh so important - violent ingredients.

Anyway, they all rehearsed as fuck….hmmm…actually it was about five times in two weeks. Jörgen, Peter and Leif made it down to the rehearsal room sometime in april 2002. The first one down on tape was "Black room", then "Krux" and the first über-evil opening riff to "Lunochod". The next session it was three new ones - "Omfalos", "Enigma" and "Nimis" and so on. Way to go lads! Very structured indeed!!

Jörgen hadn't been playing guitar for a bunch of years and Peter was playing in about fourteen bands at the same time (and recording three albums in two months). Leif was drowning in backline/backdrop/roadie/pyro/t-shirt/hotel and filmcrew mayhem with the infamous Candlemass reunion. But somehow they got it together.

"Please Nicko, help us recording this shit!". Sure, Nicko Elgstrand made some room in Dog Pound - cleaned out…sorry….moved some old slices of pizza, heaps old porn mags, fucked-up amps and pedals (some actually worked!!), last years McDonalds bags, smoked a relexed joint and said "Hit it boys!". And as usual, the recording was a walk in the park, but the digital fuckboxes hated refined, intellectual, cultivated metal and told our heroes to screw themselves. (we won't tell you about the late night solo sessions between Nicko in one corner and Fredrik Åkesson in the other….and they were absolutely smokin´!!)

To hell and back with the computerized parts (must have been a female harddrive) the boys finally landed in Khabang to mix. Placed in an old Asylum (right place for the right persons…scary!) it was the kingdom of Niklas Flyckt. Happy to work with decent stuff for a change he squeezed the most out of his rather well-equiped studio to justify the colossal "Black room" or the arty/powerful "Enigma". Friend and producer Ulf Östling helped getting "Krux" the final monumental touches, got some more doom vibe in "Nimis" and made sure "Popocatépetl" turned out epic enough.

Well, for an untrained ear this might sound like Sabbath armwrestles Mercyful Fate at a garden party with Rainbow charing a beer with Uriah Heep. Some other bozos said "uuhh…Candlemass meets Entombed, but what are these other instruments"?? Dear friends, they are called mellotrons, organs and moog synthesizers! Just to get that third dimension magic in a song like "Omfalos" it was pretty necessary to bring in keyboard wizard Carl Westholm. If you don't believe me? Listen to the 12 minute epic about the russian space race "Lunochod" a you will understand why the KRUX album is a must buy!!