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Rebellion - Biography





The German power Metal Gods Rebellion from Frankfurt/Main hit it big in 2002 with their ambitious debut CD Shakespeare's Macbeth, A Tragedy in Steel a fascinating adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous classical drama.
The Band's second CD Born A Rebel hit the stores in 2003. The eleven new tracks were described by Uwe Lulis as "No Nonsense Metal straight from the horse's mouth". Equipped with rough and sharp edged sound the album showed a different face of the band. In contrast to their debut CD all concepts were thrown overboard to make room for the most raw and untended Metal tracks without any compromises.
Various tours with Running Wild, U.D.O. and others and some great festival-shows took the band all over Europe. When the band decided to start working on the third CD it was clear that they wanted to do a concept album again. Tomi Göttlich, Bassplayer and studied Historian, once more dug deep into the history books and delivered a thrilling conceptual story about the Vikings which was to become the band's third release Sagas of Iceland, The History Of The VikingsVolume I dealing with the following content:
Until today the history of the Vikings symbolizes romantic heroism, which is based on liberty, vastness and rawness. With Sagas of Iceland Rebellion have managed to shed a light on the historical facts behind that romantic picture. Following mainly the world famous Heimskringla the band managed to portrait the famous Viking heroes such as e.g. Ragnar Lodbroken (Sons of the Dragonslayer), the first king of a united Norway Harald Harfager, Eric the Red and the two Danish Kings Sven Forkedbeard and Canute the Great who both ruled over England as well.
After various successful festival appearances and a Headliner tour through Germany and neighbouring countries the band hit the studio again to work on the second part of the Viking Trilogy. It took the band seven months of intense work but they finally succeeded in bringing forth an album which will not only achieve but top the high standards the precedent album has set. The single and the video video-clip of the title song Miklagard were released in December 15th 2006. The first reactions from Metalheads, online mags and Metal DJs were euphoric.

The full CD Miklagard, The History Of The Vikings Volume II will be released in February 2007. Based on historical facts the band tells a fictitious story about Swedish Vikings who journey for trade to Miklagard (Byzantium). Starting off from Uppsalla in Sweden the journey leads via the commercial centres Haithabu and Dorestadt through the Baltic Sea and the icy Neva to Ladoga and onwards to Kiew. From there the last part of the journey takes them down the Dnjepr into the black sea and finally to Miklagard. On their journey the daredevil Vikings meet among others the Urgofins and the Rus (ancestors of the Russians with Swedish descent) and visit the medieval Kiev. They have to fight numerous engagements to defend their valuable goods until finally after endless dangers and strains they gaze upon the famous city of stone which seems to them like a world miracle. Franconian swords, amber and northern furs are strongly desired here and sell for astronomical prices, in return the Norsemen buy the goods treasured in their home countries such as glass, jewellery, spices and silk. In the end the heroes are pulled into the palace revolution of the Varangian guard, they help Harald Hadrade (leader of the Varangian guard) to gain the victory and finally embark heavily loaded on their dangerous and risky journey home.

It is obvious that this Trilogy will not simply become "just great". It will become Rebellion's masterpiece and a genuine obligatory purchase for every fan of "true, handmade Power Metal made in Germany.

After Uwe Lulis, Gerd Lücking and Simone Wenzel left Rebellion in December 2010 Tomi and Michael decided to keep the band alive and find new musicians.
Oliver Geibig (guitar) and Matthias Karle (drums) joined the band in 2011.