Arthemesia - Biography




The Demonic Era

Magickal entity called ArthemesiA (born under the name of Celestial Agony) was summoned and masterminded by Routa and Valtias in 1994/1995AB after some negotiations about creating something Dark and atmospheric which would manifest their philosophies and feelings into some unique Black Art. With few other members they began to write hymns to glorify the occult and other bizarre elements of the Cosmos, thus were born the first passages which were eventually introduced in their debut Demon in 1998AB. After a name change in 1996AB, ArthemesiA became Magickal community of strong individuals and strange thoughts.

Why it took three years to complete the debut Demon is easy to answer: they got kicked out from their dwellings due to serious misbehaving and other bad habits (no need to thank Hellsinki city and their idiotic rules) and it took almost two years to find a new place to continue on with their oddity. After the release of the first Demon (Demo 1998), ArthemesiA got a great welcome into the Underground. Zines and fans were praising them, but unfortunately enough, only label that seemed to be interested to sign them was the infamous Unisound records from Greece (needless to say that ArthemesiA did not accept the offer).

At that time Oliver Fokin of Ensiferum was behind the battery and Misery was playing the keyboard. But all this was going to have a drastical change when Routa and Valtias were left alone after the recording of the debut Demon to search for new members as the rest of the pack got frustrated about few things not worth to mention (some things are better left in secrecy). Later that year in 1998AB Arbaal (guitars), Mor Voryon (bass) and Mor Vethor (Battery) joined the Unholy Pack and the second Demon, The Archaic Dreamer was soon to be born.

Brilliant reviews were to be read about The Archaic Dreamer and the Underground got to know a bit more about this Magickal gathering. Alas, no deals were signed this time either for some reason.


It was the time for brave moves as nothing seemed to happen within the labels. ArthemesiA booked the Hellhole studios for two months in the winter 2000AB and recorded their highly praised debut album Devs - Iratvs. As they did not have any deal in their hands and a full-length album recorded and ready, ArthemesiA began to contact the labels again. Frode from Native North Records summoned Valtias to the phone in Summer Equilibrium and after few words of badly spelt drunken english (Valtias had been drinking for +30 hours in a row without any sleep), they decided that the deal will be done. And few months later the contract was signed. In the next year, 2001AB, the album was released around Mother Gaia and the full scale Corruption began.

During this period (1999-2000AB) ArthemesiA performed their first live rituals on stage. As they did not have full line-up, some session musicians were used in the keyboards. Trollhorn of Moonsorrow/Finntroll and an acquintance of theirs, named Tanya were recruited for couple of shows so the Blasphemies got performed in a fierce way.

But nothing goes as planned, co-founding member Routa decided that it was his time to leave the band soon after the release of Devs - Iratvs. He didn't feel home anymore and thought he had achieved everything he wanted. Routa was quickly replaced by Mor Voryon on the second guitar, but this change left an empty hole in the core of ArthemesiA as they were now without the bassist.

Aconitum was asked to join ArthemesiA to torture the bass as he is a well-known strangeness and a very bizarre individual so he would fit the pack easily. But soon Aconitum was to be replaced by the infamous berzerk from the North named G'thaur as the rest of the band realized that the new material will be too complex for him. Valtias and Mor Voryon are still working with Aconitum in a project band, so the parting happened in a peaceful way.

For five years ArthemesiA have been without proper keyboard player, but finally in 2001AB they were able to track down very talented Dark Mistress called Magistra Nocte to fulfill the last corner of the pack.

During the recording sessions of ShamaNatahS - II Describe I Mind in Autumn 2003AB, ArthemesiA was forced to replace their long-time drummer Mor Vethor with the well-known blaster Dr. K.H.. Now the beast is ready for a kill. Behold the raise of ArthemesiA MARK III!
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