E-Force - Biography





E-Force was formed in Montreal in the spring of 2001 by singer/bassist Eric Forrest, upon his departure from cyber-metallers Voivod. After choosing to use his Voivod moniker as the band's name, Eric was joined by guitarists Bryan Donahue (formerly of Homicide), Dan Lauzon (formerly of Entropy) and drummer Louis Levesque (ex-Genetic Control). E-Force was signed with the label, Season Of Mist Records and released their debut album "Evil Forces" on October 20th, 2003. They played in June 2003, for the Obey the Flames Festival in Montreal with Strapping Young Lad, Immolation. Because of personal and business reasons, Eric relocated in France and changed the lineup, with the touring members: Dennis Roussel (Soul Erosion, Diatribe), Jerome Point (Mutanzero), Krof (Catacombe, Hellfrost).Although Louis Levesque did continue and played with the group until July 2004.+Tim Gutierrez (P:FF) filled in on guitar, June 2004..... Since this time, they opened for Impaled Nazarene and Scarve, they performed for the Six Pack Week end Festival in Cleveland in June 2004 (with Doro, Metal Church, Dismember), and the Raismes festival in September 2004 (with Angra, Rage, Primal Fear.). In winter 2005 they made a European tour with Carpathian Forest, Tsjuder and Wykked Wytch. In the end of 2005, E Force is back with a new line up and a new demo, more heavy and melodic and always thrash. The new guitar player of E Force is 19 year old guitar hero influenced by Malmsteem, Marty Friedman, Andy Laroque The current lineup is: Eric Forrest: bass/vocals Cyril Bernhard: guitars Boris Lugan: drums E-Force are currently writing songs for the next album release. Plus, Alex of Agressor (Season of Mist) is co-writing a track, as are Tim and Kevin Guttierez of Project: Failing Flesh (Karmageddon/Candlelight). Moreover, Eric has decided to re-record/cover a song from the unreleased Voivod demo 2001as a tribute to Piggy. E-Force have just inked a new 3 album deal with Thundering Records! Scheduled to record mid-oct with Patrick Freidrich here in Toulouse..... The recording and mixing of the new E-FORCE "modified poison" record has been completed. Achim Kohler (Sodom/Primal Fear) will be handling the mastering process... Feb/Mar 2008 for the release.

(source: : http://www.myspace.com/eforceband)