Whyzdom - Biography




The WHYZDOM project started in early 2007. Vynce Leff, more known in the progressive area, for producing several albums signed on the british label CYCLOPS RECORDS (bands : SAENS, SENSITIVE TO LIGHT), decided to start a new metal band with symphonic elements. After auditioning many singers to fit the particular sound of the first compositions, he meets Telya, a young singer/actress, fond of metal and symphonic music as well as theater. Finding the rest of the band happens very quickly, since Vynce has many contacts among other bands he collaborated with : Regis Morin and Tristan Demurger join WHYZDOM in February, then Nico Chaumeaux (a talented drumming teacher) and Marc Ruhlmann. Anthony Lopes takes care of the sound engineering.

Many contacts are then enthusiasted by the first demo. Among them, VULTUS Creations, FLORENT CUAZ (alias CORTEZ77) and GHISLAINE PUJOL, come to our help, working for the visual aspect of the project. That's why, thanks to VULTUS and the CHATEAU DE CULAN, it is decided to shoot a first video clip with a great and fantastic crew.

The final recording of a first 7 titles CD is made during the summer, including real choir parts. It will be used as a tool to contact labels and metal festivals.

(source: http://www.whyzdom.org/band.htm)