Suspyre - Biography






Formed in 2001, Suspyre's brand of progressive/symphonic metal can be attributed to the band members' wide range of influences. These talented, young musicians have discovered an energetic and gifted way of combining progressive rock and metal with diverse genres such as classical and jazz.

October 24, 2005 marked the release of the band's first full-length album,The Silvery Image . Response to the album was so good that the band was signed to Nightmare Records and followed up with the release of their next album, A Great Divide, in March of 2007. Their latest effort is more diverse in every sense of the word: long, complicated passages are offset by simpler and shorter pieces; straightforward rhythms alongside super-imposing odd time meters; microtonal clusters and just intonation works around and between 12TET. Listeners will note a balance and interplay of heavy riffs, lush and delicate as well as dissonant/energetic orchestral parts, classic prog and a tasteful use of pastiche.
Suspyre's goal is to further develop and perfect their fusion of varied musical inspirations and influences to create songs and albums with an even higher degree of artistic value and commercial appeal. They are currently recording their third release and will be available for live performances beginning February 2008.