Vitacit - Biography




Prague based VITACIT was established by guitarists Pavel "Kuøe" Hejè and Jiøí Kadlec, bassist Karel Adam and keyboard player Václav Procházka during 1972. Vitacit notably featured former Tanja guitarist Milos 'Dodo' Dolezal. Dolezal would strike out for a solo career debuting with the 1991 album 'My Little World' which also saw the inclusion of Vitacit drummer Ivan Polák.

Vitacit evolved throughout their early years by first seeing the departure of Procházka in 1976. That same year the band introduced guitarist Jaroslav Kuòka and drummer Tomáš Hubáèek. However,in 1978 the formation shifted shape again as Kadlec opted out, Danny Horyna was introduced as lead vocalist and Libor Ludvík on drums, the latter swiftly replaced by Václav Pokorný. The following year Kuòka was superseded by Jiøí Löfelmann, this formation, despite having Ludìk Adámek enroll on bass in 1981, remaining relatively stable into the 80s until Michal Bohumel was inducted on guitar in 1983 then Ladislav Køížek took over the lead vocal spot in 1985 and Bohumel was substituted by Albert Èížek briefly before Miloš Dodo Doležal assumed the position. Vitacit issued a ten song demo cassette in 1986. New man on the drums in 1988 would be Ivan Polák. Following 7" single releases and fan club live cassettes, Vitacit's inaugural full-length commercial outing came with the album 'Vzhùru Pøes Oceán' released through Multisonic in 1990. Vitacit's line-up fractured once again in 1991, as Doležal and Polák opted out. Three new members included the ex-DOKTOR TRICERATOPS pairing of singer Fanny Stehlík and guitarist Petr Kocour plus ARAKAIN and ØETIZ drummer Štìpán Smetáèek. The latter would in turn be replaced by another ARAKAIN credited drummer, Lukáš Doksanský but in 1993 Vitacit folded.

Vitacit was resurrected in 1995, quoting a membership comprising Miloš Dodo Doležal, Motorband and Kreyson guitarist Libor Matìjèík (a.k.a. Libor Greiner), bassist Karel Adam and the Motorband , Kreyson and Ayerdell credited Daniel Hafstein on drums. Matìjèík's position was taken by Grizzly's Robin Davídek in 1996 but a year later Vitacit split once again.

Dolezal would also feature on the 1995 solo album 'Nocni Mesto' by Danny Hornya. Dolezal gained production credits on the 2002 'Oceans Of The Lost' album from Austrian Gothic Rockers Floodland.