Hegemon - Biography




Hegemon was born in the winter of 1996, one year after -A- and -N- had met and had decided to work on a common musical project.

The arrival of Krzys and -F- in the band will complete its line-up.

"Rape the banner of light", their first demo was released in 1997 on the french label "Chanteloup Creation". The serie of 500 copies was quickly sold out.

A second edition of it called "Still raping after all these years" was related at the end of 1998, with three new songs.

Then, the band welcomes -JB-, one last member before the recording of its first album "Chaos Supreme" in january 2000 for the french label "Sacral Production".

Still motivated by the will to play a violent, melodic and nihilistic kind of Black Metal, Hegemon record their second album called "By This, I Conquer" in august 2002 for the french label Dysphorie Records. -JB- leaves the band.

After 6 years of silence, Hegemon is back from the shadows and unleashes its wrath upon the earth through its third album, "Contemptus Mundi", for the label Season of Mist - Underground Activists.

(Source: http://www.myspace.com/hegemon666)