Crowbar - Biography





1989. That's 20 long years ago. Countless memories. Some still vivid, most just a blur. The one constant thing has been my focus and desire. The same vision I had in '89 is still burning strong in my head. Fuelled by the down-tuned sludge of the Melvins, and the over-the-top aggression of Peter Steele's Carnivore, I set out to create my own beast and CROWBAR was born. The band's sound was labelled DOOM-CORE by the European press shortly after the 1992 debut release 'Obedience thru Suffering'. I found it to be quite fitting then, and still do honestly.

CROWBAR have released 7 full-length CDs, the second selling over 100,000 copies worldwide. We threw in a live EP and a few best-of compilations for good measure and are now ready to unleash 'Lifesblood for the Downtrodden' in early 2005. Anyone who knows CROWBAR is familiar with the numerous label and line-up changes over the years. We feel very fortunate to have found a home at CANDLELIGHT and a solid new line-up for this re-birth of sorts. I wisely recruited Rex Brown (Pantera, Down), Craig Nunenmacher (Black Label Society, CROWBAR) and Warren Riker (DOWN II) for the recording and producing of this monster, and I'm happy to say I'm very pleased with the outcome. These 11 tracks show an equally dangerous, more mature CROWBAR. One part aggression, one part melodic, all parts HEAVY!! This is a natural growth for a band that didn't know the fret board went above 5 frets back in '89. A natural growth in my song writing and vocal style. A step forward - period. After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus while I recorded and toured with DOWN, CROWBAR hit the stage for the first time on 24th of June, 2004 in the Netherlands. This was the first show since October 2001. The new line-up of myself (vocals/guitar), Steve Gibb (guitar), Tommy Buckley (drums), and Pat Bruders (bass) proved to be crushing from the first few chords. Our two week European tour was a big success with the highlight being a storming set at the WITH FULL FORCE fest in Leipzig, Germany. With the release of the new CD fast approaching, we're ready to hit the road and lay down the law wherever we play. This old dog might be getting older, but we just might hang around another 20 years!!