Doro - Biography






Without doubt the leading lady of Germany's Hard Rock scene. As premier German Metal band WARLOCK metamorphosed into lead vocalist Doro Pesch's solo vehicle any pretence at a band project was dropped in 1989 when 'Force Majuere' was issued under the title of simply DORO. The band at this point featured ex-RAINBOW drummer Bobby Rondinelli, guitarist John Devin and bassist Tommy Hendrikson. Keyboards were contributed by DIO's Claude Schnell. Hendrickson later joined WAR AND PEACE. Rondinelli joined BLACK SABBATH and BLUE OYSTER CULT.

DORO soon relocated to New York to concentrate on the American market. The ensuing 'Doro' album of 1990 was produced by KISS bassist / vocalist GENE SIMMONS and ex-BLACK N' BLUE (and then HARLOW) guitarist Tommy Thayer and includes a cover of the '60s hit by THE ELECTRIC PRUNES 'I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night'. The album also featured three Simmons compositions including a rework of the KISS track 'Only You' which originally appeared on the band's unsuccessful '(Music From) The Elder' album.

For 1991's 'True At Heart' release DORO recorded in Nashville with producer Barry Beckett. The album featured a host of noted session players including GIANT guitarist Dann Huff, guitarist Michael Thompson, bassist Lee Sklar and drummer Eddie Bayers. Doro's touring line-up was augmented by keyboardist Paul Morris in 1992, who joined from New York's FROM THE FIRE.

Following a further studio album in 1993, 'Angels Never Die' produced by Jack Ponti, DORO chose to issue her first live album, which featured a new touring band that included ex WORLD WAR III, WAYSTED and BRITNY FOX drummer Johnny Dee and ex-MARIAH, BRITNY FOX, WAYSTED and TYKETTO keyboard player Jimmy DeLella amongst its number.

DORO's standing in Germany was bolstered in 1995 with her 'Machine II Machine' album, the success of which saw a spin off "Electric Club Mixes" album. In spite of a downward slide in popularity with each successive solo release in Britain and America, Doro nevertheless remained a strong contender in her native Germany.

The 1998 album 'Love Me In Black' found the chanteuse hitting her creative peak to date. Both brutal and melodic the album, that features a hard version of HEART's 'Barracuda', captured renewed interest for DORO and was a huge seller in Europe. Musicians utilised for the recording were guitarists Jimmy Harry and Jürgen Engler, bassists Nick Douglas (a.k.a. 'Nick Mitchell' of DEADLY BLESSING) and Andrew Goodsight along with drummer Damon Weber.

The 2000 album 'Calling The Wild' gave DORO a further hit album in Germany. Guests include Lemmy from MOTÖRHEAD, ex GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash and MEGADETH guitarist Al Pitrelli. The album, released with different track listing for Europe and America, included a version of BILLY IDOL's 'White Wedding' and MOTÖRHEAD's 'Love Me Forever.

DORO toured America in November 2000 on a highly successful package billing with DIO and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN prior to a lengthy headlining jaunt in Germany early the following year. The dates were accompanied by a single release of 'White Wedding'. Touring in America during April and May of 2001 saw DORO sharing billing with BRITNY FOX. Drummer Johnny Dee having his endurance tested on double duties with both bands.

An exclusive live version of 'Love Me In Black' would surface in 2001 on the WDHA radio compilation 'The Tour Bus- Road Trip'. Another DORO rarity came courtesy of premier Spanish Metal band MAGO DE OZ. Their May 2001 single 'La Danza Del Fuego' would come with an exclusive B side track, a version of RAINBOW's 'Man On The Silver Mountain' featuring DORO on guest duet vocals.

DORO would donate her services to the GERMAN ROCK STARS October 2001 song 'Wings Of Freedom' in honour of the September 11th World Trade Center victims and as a guest duettist on U.D.O.'s 2002 album 'Man And Machine'.

In May of 2002 news arrived of a new DORO studio album to be entitled 'Fight', the title song written in honour of the German female boxing champion Regina Halmich. The famous boxer had made her appreciation of DORO known earlier in her career by using WARLOCK's 'All We Are' as an entrance theme for her fights. Songwriters in collusion with Pesch for this outing would include GENE SIMMONS donating the track 'Legends Never Die' (previously recorded by both WENDY O' WILLIAMS and KING KOBRA), JEAN BEAUVOIR of CROWN OF THORNS and hitmaker RUSS BALLARD. The lady would include a by now traditional duet, pulling in Pete Steele of TYPE O NEGATIVE for the cut 'Descent'. The favour would be returned to Beauvoir as evidenced on CROWN OF THORNS August 2002 album 'Karma', DORO duetting on the track 'Shed No Tears'.

Digi pack versions of 'Fight' added an exclusive track entitled 'Song For Me'. Her band for this album comprised of guitarist Joe Taylor, guitarist / keyboard player Oliver Palotai, bassist Nick Douglas, and drummer Johnny Dee. During the summer of 2002 Johnny Dee would substitute mid tour for ex IRON MAIDEN / WOLFSBANE vocalist BLAZE's act supporting OVERKILL in Europe after regular drummer Jeff Singer was forced to pull out. In other outside activity Pesch would also appear on the CIRCLE OF PAIN live album, featuring on the track 'Imagine'.

'Fight' would be promoted with an extensive run of headline gigs across mainland Europe during November. Before those shows DORO hit the European festival trail appearing at the Derby 'Rock & Blues' festival in Derby, Germany's 'Wacken Open Air', 'Metal Dayz' in Switzerland, the 'Pepsi Sziget' event in Hungary and 'Long Live Rock & Roll' in Moscow. The lady even turned up in the Azores for a gig in September. The boxing theme would be pursued further in October when the singer, a trained Thai boxer, was pitched in the ring against former porn star Gina Wild (a.k.a. Michaela Schaffrath) in a three-round bout televised for German station RTL's 'Promi-Boxen 2002'.

DORO had her version of 'Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You' included on the Locomotive Music LED ZEPPELIN tribute album 'The Metal Zeppelin The Music Remains The Same'. The last three shows of DORO's December German tour were cancelled as the leading lady was involved in a car crash over the Christmas period. Fortunately she was unharmed. Headline German dates in April of 2003 saw RAWHEAD REXX as opening act.

As DORO proved her staying power, being voted "Sexiest woman of the year" by the Czech Rock magazine 'Spark' she announced plans for a joint tour of Europe throughout November and December partnered with SAXON, DIONYSUS and CIRCLE II CIRCLE. Her twentieth anniversary show, held in Düsseldorf on the 13th December, witnessed a unique set spanning her career and including guesting former members of WARLOCK alongside friends such as MOTÖRHEAD's Lemmy, SAVATAGE's Jon Oliva, and ex-IRON MAIDEN singer Blaze Bayley. DORO would be back on the road in April of 2004, packaged alongside BLAZE. With BLAZE guitarist John Slater bowing out for 'personal reasons" DORO guitarist Oliver Palotai stepped in as replacement, performing double duty each night.

DORO re-visited her creative relationship with boxing champion Regina Halmich by penning a new entrance theme song to be aired on 11th September at the world championship match pitched against Las Vegas based Elena Reid at the DM Arena in Karlsruhe. A brand new EP, entitled 'Let Love Rain On Me', featured both Spanish ('Llueva En Mi Tu Amor') and French ('Pluie D'Amour') variants of the title track, a cover version of JUDAS PRIEST's 'Breaking The Law', an acoustic take on the track 'Rare Diamond' and the video for 'Unholy Love'. 'Let Love Rain On Me' entered the German charts at no. 65, making it the most successfull DORO single ever and her first single in the German charts since 1993.

The EP would precede the lady's first record for AFM records 'Classic Diamonds'. Studio guests numbered ex-IRON MAIDEN man Blaze Bayley, U.D.O.'s Udo Dirkschneider and GAMMA RAY's Kai Hansen. A further release would be the 'Mausoleum: 20th Anniversary Concert' album, including two DORO tracks alongside live material from erstwhile WARLOCK era Mausoleum label mates KILLER and OSTROGOTH, recorded at the Vosselaar Biebob venue in May of 2002.