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Krypteria - Biography




Krypteria is a German-Korean four-piece symphonic Gothic metal band, fronted by lead singer Ji-In Cho.

Ji-In, who studied vocals and piano at the renowned Musikhochschule/Cologne, and her trio of band mates form one of Europe's hottest live acts. Krypteria have a knack for dramatic punch-you-in-the-face songs with sizzling melodies all spiced up with mysterious atmospheres and classical elements such as their trademark Gregorian chants.

But who are Krypteria?

After teaming up at the end of 2004 the cosmopolitan foursome has left amazed audiences in its wake ever since - not only because they deliver high class power hymns that effortlessly crossover to the melodic genre, but also because they stage a remarkably energetic and entertaining live performance that will rock your socks off.

Bewitching Ji-In, guitar/producer-ace Chris Siemons, and the thunderous grooves of human dynamo Frank Stumvoll on bass and showboating drummer deluxe S.C. Kuschnerus provide an epic feast for the ears, a killer show, plus infectious enthusiasm to boot all rolled into one. Backed by a spectacular and celebrated promotional trip to Korea back in February 2006, Krypteria are in especially hot demand in the Land of the Morning Calm, as documented by No.1 positions in the Hottracks international rock album charts, the video charts as well as the airplay charts.

During the second half of 2006 the band had been writing and recording their 2007 release Bloodangel's Cry with a vengeance, interrupted only by their Vietnamese concert debut, a set of tour dates with the legendary Deep Purple and their successful Wacken debut during the summer before enjoying a sold-out German tour alongside Subway To Sally and another blockbuster performance in front of 15,000 enthused Asian fans in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ready, willing, hungry and dangerous; the eclectic foursome hit stages all over the world full-throttle again in 2007 and 2008 - to further introduce themselves and to present the explosive array of hot tracks off Bloodangel's Cry.

And they continue to do so with new songs fresh off their highly anticipated upcoming album My Fatal Kiss, which was released on August 28th, 2009.

This record features new material that elevates Krypteria's sonic intensity and lyrical identity to a whole new level...needless to say that they can't wait to return to the stage and bring the hammer down again live just like they did last summer in front of 30,000 metalheads at Europe's biggest hard & heavy festival, the legendary Wacken Open Air.

That's when Ji-In will again paint sensually on the canvas of emotion, while six-stringer Chris, bassist Frank and drummer Kuschi will work their rears off to rock the living daylight out of the audience.

(Source: official website)