Ingrimm - Biography





When Fenris abandoned his position as drummer of Darkseed in 2004, he still had a lot of ideas for songs in his cupboard, most of them inspired by medieval music. With his friends Alex (guitar) and Hardy (hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes) he founded the band Igni Et Ferro. Under this monicker the first songs were written. In order to present them to the public Fenris asked childhood friend Klaus whether he'd like to join as drummer, so that he could focus on singing. And with the addition of bassist Baba Igni Et Ferro finally had a proper live lineup.

Nobody in the band was really happy with the Latin name of the band though and so they renamed themselves to Grimm. In December 2006 Grimm released the demo Feuertaufe ("Baptism of Fire"), which got them a record contract with Black Bards Entertainment rather soon. Due to copyright reasons the band had to rename itself again and so Ingrimm was born. Unfortunately Baba had to leave the band, therefore Alex also cared about bass duties for the debut album Ihr sollt brennen ("You Shall Burn") which was released in October 2007. The band's interesting mix of medieval metal with blastbeats and growls received a lot of critical acclaim, so that the band got to play the world's biggest gothic festival Wave Gotik Treffen in 2008. By now a new bassist had been found and in November 2008 the sophomore album Todgeweiht ("Moribund") came into existence. Because the band's live activities went through the roof bassist Fuzzy had to leave the band in order to concentrate on her job, and so live bassist Mugl has been made a full-fledged band member. In 2009 Ingrimm played on the world's biggest metal festival Wacken Open Air and joined Finnish metal band Battlelore on their fall tour. In spring 2010 they embarked on a headliner tour through Germany, supported by Vogelfrey and label mates Cumulo Nimbus. In May of the same year the band's third album Böses Blut ("Bad Blood") has been released.