Vinterriket - Biography

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VINTERRIKET started in late 1996. In the early days the whole thing went very slow. The first demo tape was only released in early 2000. This was mainly because of bad equipment. After the release of the demo the whole thing became more serious and CZ totally focused on the project. Up 'til now many EPs, CDs and demos have been published on different labels around the globe. Vinterriket was founded because of CZ's endless love to the dark side of Mother Nature. He wanted to express his feelings and the way he sees nature through this kind of art in order to satisfy himself. CZ principally makes music ONLY for himself, for nobody else! If others like the music, too: OK. If not, he does not care at all. Of course it is great to see that many others share the same feelings, that many others have the same visions/ landscapes/ feelings inside when listening to the music of Vinterriket and that many others interpret his lyrics as he does himself. Vinterriket is CZ and CZ is Vinterriket. No other members have been included in the past. So it is no "band" at all, better to say a "project"! Vinterriket's music is only influenced by the dark side of Mother Nature. Some of the tracks are pure melancholic, depressive and cold Dark Ambient and some tracks could be described as grim, frosty and symphonic Black Metal.Releases: