The Eternal - Biography





Cryptal Darkness - an epic journey through sadness and sorrow, an age-old spirit with a modern and diverse sound. Cryptal Darkness weave a traffic melody of mourning and regret.

Formed in the winter of '93 the band dabbled with various sounds and ideas, but by late '95 the sound was starting to shape up; melodic, dark and emotional, it was not long after this that the band entered the studio to record their debut album Endless Tears. This album laid the path for the classic 1999 album They Whispered You Had Risen, which took their mournful sound to the extreme with songs like "To Blackened Skies I Suffer" and the Gothic nightmare of title track "They Whispered...".

Late 2000 saw the band's last release Chapter II - The Fallen, seen as part two of They Whispered.... The band took their sound even further with the sorrowful "My Eternal Hunger" and the epic "A Dream Of Beauty & Desire Lost".

In late 2002 after growing tensions in the band and due to issues with label ICON records, the band in its then current form decided a fresh start was in order. Guitar duo Mark Kelson & Chris Burton saw this as their opportunity to start The Eternal, although Chris left The Eternal after recording the first album, The Sombre Light Of Isolation[i], was released.

The Eternal formed in Melbourne in 2003, The Eternal signed a two-album deal with Firebox Records of Finland on the strength of their self-titled promotional EP. Their debut album for Firebox, [i]The Sombre Light Of Isolation
, was released worldwide in June 2004 and received glowing reviews in both mainstream and underground media around the globe. The band was named in Kerrang! magazine's 50 Bands You Need To Know Right Now. In support of this album, The Eternal toured Australia, Hong Kong, continental Europe, UK and Finland in late 2004, and upon return immediately set about writing material for their second album, Sleep Of Reason.

Recorded early in 2005, Sleep Of Reason extended The Eternal's sound from their debut work. It was produced and recorded by Endel Rivers at Palm Studios in Melbourne, and mastered by Mika Jussila (Amorphis, Nightwish) at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki. After touring Australia extensively for the new release, and playing to well over 15,000 people in their home country on various tours including national supports for Finnish rockers HIM and Swedish death/prog masters Opeth, the band set off for their second tour of Europe in May 2007. On their return home, the band went about completing and compiling three years' worth of demo material for what would soon become Kartika.

Released in late 2008, Kartika was the band's most diverse and ambitious album to date. The albums was recorded at several studios in Australia including Mixmasters Studios, Adelaide and Palm Studios in Melbourne. It was mixed in Tallinn, Estonia by Endel Rivers at Palm Studios II and mastered at the renowned Crystal Mastering, Melbourne, Australia by John Ruberto.

The Eternal have since commenced work on their yet-to-be-titled 4th album which will be recorded in December 2009. Conceptually, the new album picks up where Kartika left off with Eastern influences, lashings of classic rock and their emotive lyrical approach. The band see their new album as their clearest vision yet, achieving a sound that has come far from their conception in 2003. This album will see the band experiment with new styles, combined with the colour, tone, textures and intricacies that have become the sound that defines The Eternal.

In order to help them achieve their vision, The Eternal has enlisted multi-instrumentalist, multi-platinum selling artist Jeff Martin (The Armada The Tea Party) to produce the album. Martin brings 20 years of experience to the table. Co-engineering the album will be Paul Pilsneniks, who has worked with several successful artists. The Eternal have also called on acclaimed Finnish keyboard player Maria Ilmoniemi (Tarja, Husky Rescue) to contribute.

With a very productive 6 years as a band, 3 international tours, and 3 internationally acclaimed albums under their belt, 2010 is set to be a special year for the band with album number 4 proving to listeners and critics alike that The Eternal are a permanent powerhouse fixture in the heavy rock scene.