Narjahanam - Biography




The name Narjahanam is an Arabic word which means the fire of hell.

Narjahanam started off as a side project of Gravedom in the middle of the year 2004. The only reason Narjahanam started is because the ideas and concepts of the songs and lyrical theme did not fit with Gravedom since the lyrics are only in Arabic for Narjahanam, so both Gravedom and Narjahanam had different concepts.

Narjahanam hails from the land of Dilmun, the Garden of Eden (which is now called Bahrain) in the Middle East in the gulf coast.

The lyrical theme is mostly about the ancient history of the Middle East, the bloodshed of Wars, religions, culture etc, the destruction of mankind and the end of the world. Narjahanam will always be proud to introduce the dark and mysterious ancient history of the Middle Eastern age that goes back to thousands of years B.C.