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Orkrist - Biography



This Slovak band was founded in June 2000 by Crom, after he left the bands MEAN GEIMHRIDH and SINE NOMINE (do not exist today). The main reason to ground an own-band was the ambition to realize his own musical ideas and visions, that were not the same as he played in the two named bands.
The first members, who took up his quarrel, were the SINE… members: guitarist Khayo, the drummer Martin and female singer Lenka.

After first live performances came it to some changes in the line-up, and the new members that joined ORKRIST were: female singer Lydia (exCRUSADER), bassist Kabi (exSINE…) and Pyros (also plays in the band MISTWARD) on drums.

Although officially already split up at that time, Orkrist played a on Winter Solstice Eve III in Bratislava, Slovakia on 18 December, 2004.