Mencea - Biography




Mencea (at that time know as Godja stands for groove oriented, intense modern metal that bends the listener's perception of the various genres of extreme music. Formed in the beginning of 2004 in Athens, Greece, Mencea went through a period of experimenting with various formulas in order to develop their present unique musical identity. Their music oscillates in between fast, aggressive moods, melodic hooks, and is executed with punishing precision. Big and spacey melodies, over raging riffs and extreme drumming, ear-grinding vocals, and atmospheric passages, demonstrate the band's songwriting skills and technical prowess. 

Having raised the eyebrows of some well known European, as well as U.S record producers, their pre-production demos also reached the hands of Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames, Soilwork, SYL etc), who instantly expressed his interest in working with the band

Mencea emerged in 2008, with their debut album entitled Dark Matter, Energy Noir, released in Europe by Norwegian label Indie Recordings, (Enslaved, Kvelertak, Aura Noir). The album was very well received by the press in the U.K, Scandinavia, Benelux and the south of Europe. The band went on to share the stage with acts such as [band]Gojira[(band], Heaven And Hell, Sepultura, [band]Enslaved [/band] and were invited to play festivals across Europe, including Inferno Metal Festival, UK Metal Hammer's own Hammerfest etc. as well as a number of supporting slots in Norway, Germany, Greece and the UK.

During 2009, Mencea welcomed two new extremely talented members, namely singer Vlasis Ziouvas and drummer Bertrand Rothen. The following year saw the band focusing on writing and demoing new material. Mencea entered the studio at the beginning of 2010, with the band's guitarist duo handling recording and production duties. A year onwards, found the band completing the task of mixing and mastering and alongside starting to plan for a release.

Mencea is ready to present their new album entitled Pyrophoric. The eight track-long soundtrack of unearthly moods, demonstrates an immensely wide sonic landscape, packing punch and diversity that few bands can match. Most of all, it undoubtedly shows that Mencea belongs to a movement of bands exploring boundaries between extreme metal sub-genres, often morphing into a mix of extreme metal with progressive sensibilities and a non conformist approach to melody as well as storming rhythmic outbursts. Pyrophoric is a fresh and fearlessly musical approach to what Mencea is all about. Energy, sonic richness, and sheer heaviness.

With Indie Recordings once again backing the band's creative efforts, Pyrophoricis now set for release during the spring of 2012. The album was recorded between January and July of 2010 in various locations and was mixed and mastered by the band's own Stamos Koliousis and Vangelis Labrakis at 210 Studios in Berlin, Germany. Responsible for the album's artwork is longtime collaborator of the band, Achilleas Gatsopoulos of Hypnagogia and the layout was created by