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In the year 2005,in Athens of Greece,Ungod from Insidius Infernus decided that the time had come to work on something different and joined forces with Nadir!Together they started a new project called SAD in order to play Grim Suicidal Black Metal.

At the dawn of the same year they entered Electric studio and recorded an album entitled "Total Nothingness".The album was first released by the band on 50 hand numbered tapes for promotional reasons only,then in 2006 it was released through Regimental Records on CD (1000 copies,sold out!) and re-released on tape through Wulfrune Worxxx Records.

By the year 2007 SAD had recorded their second album at Fragile Sound Studios ,entitled "A Curse in Disguise" which was once again released through Regimental Records in 2007 on CD (1000 copies,sold out again!).After a few months the album was re-released on 200 tapes through Inner Voice Records and in the middle of the year 2010 it was released on 500 vinyls through Amor Fati Productions!

At the beginning of the year 2009,SAD's third album, once more recorded at Fragile Sound Studios,entitled "Enlightened by Darkness" was released through Old Temple Records on 2000 CD's,re-released on tape through Slava Satan Records in the year 2010 along with pins.

At the same time (calendar year 2010) Ungod's Metal Throne Productions released SAD's promo 2010,recorded at Hangar Studio.

In 2010 Thor's Hammer Productions released a split CD of SAD with the American horde "Warwulf",titled "Walking the Paths of Despair".

And finally,SAD's fourth album ,entitled "Abandoned and Forgotten",recorded at Fragile and Hangar studio, is going to be released again through Old Temple Records on CD by the end of the year 2010

All music and instruments of SAD is composed and performed by Ungod.All lyrics are written and performed by Nadir.

Ungod is also the former of the bands Necrohell, Slaughtered Priest and Necrochackal...Ungod and Nadir are also members of Kvele and Ungod was a member of Nargothrond from the year 2003 til August of 2012...Insidius Infernus split up in 2004...
Ungod is the owner of Metal Throne Productions and co-owner of Toxicdose Productions...