Valkiria - Biography




1994 Valkiria founded his first Metal band Exo Salm, wich disbanded soon after. Later he continued to play in groups without a name, until joining the Black metal band Obscure Devotion. In September 1996 After playing for several months with them, Valkiria decides to break away to form their own project, initially thinking of the possibility of incorporating other musicians and then assuming to become a one man band. In October 1997 was recorded the first demotape "The narrow bed". It was Black Metal with keyboard and clean guitar arpeggios. ¨

Valkiria played all the instruments except drum machine performed by Walter Basile and backing vocals by Cabal dark moon. However, shortly after this release Valkiria suspended all activities. The main problem was the lack of a drummer. Walter had lost interest in playing extreme Metal, ceased all cooperation with all the bands including Valkiria. Without a drummer, without a drum machine and a limited budget... things get complicated. So everything was on standby; riff on riff recorded on tape and left there for eight years on a shelf in a room. June 2000: Valkiria founded a dark gothic band: 41Chains. Under this moniker were realized three demotapes. This experience had some significant implications for the future sound of Valkiria and also was the first project where he worked as a sound engineer that gived him the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of digital recording. The first step till the creation of their own home studio, where They will record all subsequent discs.

2001 the realization of an official website was the first sign of recovery activities for the project Valkiria. 2003 valkiria began to write Mharvelle which is a fantasy story as well as a game on chessboard. The Mharvelle's tales were an inspiration to compose a new album. 2004: "Thur kuarankharn sthorn" is the second demo released after eight years of silence, style is always Black Metal with keyboards. Valkiria through the language of Dekalur narrates about the Mharvelle's creation and the war between the four kingdoms. 2005 Quirino (sinth) joined the band to record the new work "Epika". Epika is a continuation of the previous work and narrates of the union of the men of Mharvelle, the creation of the new kingdom and the refusal of any religion. On september 2005 Valkiria started a collaboration with another band project Ecnephias. April 2006: Mancan (vocals) joined us to record Blood on blood, using the English language. The cycle of Mharvelle with his fantastic history and language finished with Epika, May these imaginary places always living in your hearts through ours songs.

2007 July: the "Of dreams and pain" album, What came out for me is an extraordinary album, the longest ever, consists of 13 songs, all linked by a common thread that has as its central theme the reality replaced by what We called dream, but that is a very different state of mind which is the detachment from reality, the illusion that leads us away from the pain, certainly one of the best works ever made. A new version was realized in august 2010 not a simple remaster, we re-recorded the bass and some guitars, and also changed some riffs. An other "update" dates back to 2009, but we just changed the drum sounds raising it in the mix. 2008 we started working on a new Cd, in August of the same year Sicarius Inferni recorded piano on Rain around. In December came out a promo version with four songs, in fact everything had already been recorded including vocals and piano, but preferred to postpone its release to be able tocontinue working on mixing . The complete album was released in May 2009, with the same cover, the only difference is the logo. We opted for a different character, Morpheus is a character too much common and the rest is more suitable for epic Metal. On April 2009 moved on a top-level domain

On December 2009 Mancan decided to leave Valkiria, to focus mostly on his music projects: Ecnephias. Unconsciously providing such a scenario, or perhaps a natural tendency we changed compositional approach so the new tracks composed after "Upon This Earth" came out harder, tempo is slowed down and sound more "Metal". This mean there will be no clean vocals, and I will take care of all screaming vocals. When I started to work on the new album I counted those musicians who would collaborate and I had collected many signatures, Mancan was on my side as Sicarius Inferni already imployed at the piano in "Upon This Earth" and then I thought to use Cabal not only on vocals, but also at the drum. This was not a little regret and I continued alone on my way. Now the new album is still a work in progress I feel that there is still room for improvement. Be sure the next will be the best work ever!

2010: Mike as guitarist and Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) as guest drummer joined the band, in order to record the 5th full lenght "Here the day comes".

2011: Here the day comes, recorded at Outersound studio and mastered at Fascination Street, at the end of the year, Valkiria signed a deal with Bakerteam record, the album came out in april 2012.

2013: At the end of the year Valkiria signed a contract with the Russian record company Gs music, which involves the re recording of all the albums from Epika until Upon this earth.

2014: after the re recording of Epika at the end of 2013, it was the turn of "blood on blood", and "Of dreams and pain".

2015: The band is now re-recording "Upon this earth".. Valkus is meanwhile working on a new