Cavus - Biography




Cavus was formed around the year 2008 by the founding fathers, guitarist J.K and drummer T.T.T., in their hometown of Porvoo, Finland. They gave birth to this creature of hatred and devilry to serve them, loyally and unquestioning, through times of violent intoxication and depths of depravity. By the joining of vocalist W, bassist A.R.G. and second guitarist B.P, the line-up was complete and a truly devastatingly destructive force.

The first offspring of this alliance was a self-titled EP, consisting of four hymns in the honour of plague and pestilence, that was released in 2009.

After live performances with bands like Mayhem, Behexen and Sólstafir in the autumn of 2009, Cavus signed a worldwide recording contract with French record label Listenable Records and a management contract with Finnish management company SSG Management Ltd.

Recordings for a debut album, Fester And Putrefy, started in February 2010, and it was released by Listenable Records on September 27th in the EU, during October in the USA, and February 2011 in South America.

Cavus is about to release its second album during the year of 2012.