Solerrain - Biography

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It was February of 2004 when musicians Dmitry Ruzanov (lead guitar) and Alexander Yermoshin (rhythm guitar) began to get together and play music. They were schoolmates, both inspired by their love of metal to start a band playing melodic metal. A little bit later Alexey Romashkin-Timanov (drums) joined them. This was the early formation that would later become Dark Side, but the question of direction had just begun. Not much later on Alexander Strokanov (bass) joined the band. In May, Anton Nikonorov (vocal) also joined the group. After several attempts to find a keyboardist, Olga Zhirkova joined the band in July. Due to the lyrics the band gained a rather gloomy sound, but the music was still very interesting because it incorporated screaming, heavy riffs, fast solos and drum rhythms with some "pop" sounding keyboards. Shortly after all the members had finally come together to form a full band they began to write songs. Due to the music and gloomy lyrics, the band began to characterize itself as Melodic Death Metal. After several months some problems arose with their drummer because he was also going to school and his studies were hindering his ability to perform with the band so they had to search for a new drummer. After several weeks of searching and auditioning drummers, Grigory Zhinkov was accepted as their new drummer. The first drummer, Alexey, officially left the band in December 2004.

On March 20, due to creative differences Grigory left the band. Despite all the difficulties with drummers the band went ahead with all planned concerts and used a drum machine with the drum parts that had already been recorded in the studio by Grigory. In November the band recorded their first promo CD. An article about the band was published in a local magazine called The Musician. On July 24 drummer Alexander Yakovlev began rehearsing with the band. After a very successful audition Alexander was accepted into the band as their new drummer; but this unfortunately did not last for very long and at the end of November he left the band.

On March 3, the group started to record it's debut album with session drummer Vasily. In April, during recording of the first album, Anton Nikonorov (vocal) left the band. The band began to immediately search for a new vocalist who was ready to enter the band immediately. A friend of the band called and recommended someone they new who was a good vocalist and on May 15, Pavel Kozhukhovsky successfully auditioned for and was accepted into the band. On July 10 the band decided to change it's name from Dark Side to Solerrain. On September 3, Alexander Yermoshin (rhythm guitar) left the band, explaining his departure as a lack of musical creativity. Several auditions had been held and none could be found to fill the 2 open positions in the band. On December 15, the band contacted Vladimir Tarasenko (drums) and after a meeting and audition he was accepted into the band.

On May 26, Mikhail Antipov auditioned for the role of rhythm guitarist and after some brief doubts was accepted into the band. Time went on and the group played several concerts both in their hometown and in other cities. Also as time went on the musician's skills grew and with them so did the requirements of their music. On November 21, the band decided to dismiss Olga Zhirkova (keyboards); it was a hard decision but creative disagreements were preventing the band from moving forward.

Once again several months passed and several auditions were carried out in search of a new keyboardist until finally Nikita Merzliakov auditioned on February 2. It didn't take the members long to decide to invite Nikita to join their ranks.