Fimbulvet - Biography





- Founded Fall, 2003
- Initially intended as a one-man project ("Stephan Gauger")
- November 2003, "Diana Mathesie" (Keys) became the latest member
- February 2004 came "Marco Volborth" (bass) (acquaintance from school days)
- In this period was rehearsed in Stephen's apartment
- Completion with "Christian Hopf" (Drums)
- October 2004, recording the demo CD Gjallarhorn in the studio "Power Track" in Schmalkalden (Menhir, Odroerir, ...)

First appearances and changes:

- January 2005, the first live appearance in nearby Bad Salzungen
- September 2005, Christian (drums) left the band (musical differences), as well as Diana (Keys) (study)
- Short time later "Felix Zimmermann" took over on drums
- December 2005 concert in Kallewerk in Bad Salzungen (Hard as Iron 3)
- The beginning of the recordings for the debut album Ewiger Winter. It contains 11 tracks, with two songs from the demo CD were re-opened
- July invitation to the "Riedfest" in Rohr
- August, the first gig outside of Thüringens (WGSOAF im Erzgebirge)
- Felix (drums) left the band for professional reasons (study)
- October 2006, "Danny Rubner," former drummer of the band "Sinwist", was found to occupy the open post
- 10/02/07, a gig in a long time (Schmalkalden / Villa K)
- Reluctantly Danny (drums) left the band, also because of studying

When the gates opened:

- April 2007, "Falko Knoll", former lead singer of the death metal band "Sepulcrum", took over the drums
- January 2008, recording of the album Der Ruf in Goldene Hallen. It appeared in digipak and includes 10 songs (1000 pcs ltd..)
- In the song "Heidenherz", "Natalie Nebel" (Odroerir) does guest vocals
- February 2008, signing of the contract with the label Eichenthron
- Early 2009, the search for a 2nd guitarist came to an end with "Christian Fröhlich"

On the tracks of new battles:

- May 2009, signing of the contract with the label "Nocturnal Empire"
- June 2009, recording the EP Kriegerwahn, which includes five songs in a concept
- Doing some guest musicians were involved (Heiko Gerull [Menhir], Stickel [Odroerir], Ricardo Wilk)
- April 2010, Marco (bass) had to leave for personal reasons. May 2010, "Steffen Mehlhorn" fills the void
- After several open air festivals and concerts, we decided to pull us back a little in order to fully concentrate on the composition of a new album
- May 2011, start to record the full-length album Frostbrand - Nach Flammen Sehnsucht. It contains 10 new songs and comes in an elegant A5 Digipak
- December 2011, Falko (drums) left the band for personal reasons

Available, we are ...

- January 2012, "Andreas Walter" was won for the drummer position
- March 2013, Andreas (drums) could not stay with the band for family reasons
- April 2013, "Hannes Köhler" starts on drums
- March 2014, label changes to Einheit Produktionen"
- April, recording of the second Frostbrand album Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht, this also includes 10 new songs and also appears in the A5 Digipak

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