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The first demo tape from Hibria was called "Metal Heart" and it was released in 1997, two months after the singer Iuri Sanson join the band. It was composed under the influence of bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Racer-x, Manowar and Dream Theater. After the good response to the gigs and the demo tape on the band's hometown (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Hibria started to spread its work in Europe. The demo was air played in Metal shows and received enthusiastic reviews in zines and magazines.

In August of 1999 the band released the demo-CD "Against the Faceless" with 3 new songs, continuing the worldwide release of its work. On the new demo, Hibria showed its musical evolution resulted from the stability since 1997 of the line up and the development of the technical skills of the members.
In August 1999, Hibria arrived in Belgium starting the named "Against the Faceless Demo Tour". The gigs took place in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland numbering 29 performances, including the metal temple "De Biebop" in Belgium.
During the tour, the band got in direct contact with many fans and shared stages especially with Death Metal bands. At that time, Hibria got disappointment with the mainstream attitude that most of the Heavy Metal bands were taking. Nevertheless, the Death-Metal attitude would inspire Hibria in a definitive way.

The single "Steel Lord on Wheels" was released in 2001 only to the local fans from Porto Alegre and pointed the direction the band was heading to.
The response on the city and on the Internet confirmed that the band should go further on its goal of making an album with balls, even though the tendency in most of nowadays bands is letting it cleaner and polished.

In 2003 the album "Defying The Rules" was composed and the recordings were finished on 2004. It brought Heavy Metal without any other labels, bringing the 80's Heavy Metal melodic lines, the 90's speed and the 2000's technical skills.

To complete the album concept, Piet Sielck was chosen to mix and master it on Germany due to his rough and, at same time, innovative style. The comics' based art-work and lyrics also contributes to make from Defying the Rules a "Bang Your Head" Heavy Metal album under the concept of Hibria.

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