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Stribog (the god (grandfather) of winds in Slavic mythology) was formed in winter 2005/2006. By Sergej Šimpraga Nikola Mrkša and Mario Bosnir in Zagreb, Croatia.

Soon after, Stribog recorded first demo Za vječan ponos i čast.

In the following months band sustained some line-up changes, and it all resulted in the joining of Darko Cosic (drums), Ana Backonja (female backing vocals), Borna Zezelj (guitar) and Nikola Dusak (bass). In the following months Stribog has officially split up but soon Stribog reunioned again. Mario Bosnir was no longer a part of Stribog, due to personal and musical differences between him and the band and in September 2007 brought another changes to the band: Sergej Simpraga returns to Stribog and Nikola Dusak leaves the band.

Stribog also intorduced two new members: Robert Perica on keyboards and Ivo Turk on whistles.

From the very beginning of this year Stribog is working hard on a new material for the second album. Working title of the album was U okovima Vjecnosti (In Schakles Of Eternity).

U okovima Vjecnosti was released on 1.5.2010 through Murderous Production.

The release of the new album brought some more line up changes...

present day

Stribog is working on a new album. The name of the album and the themes that will prevail in songs are still a secret, but it will be a minimum 10 songs on album + one extra surprise.

Source: Facebook