Satura - Biography




Satura was formed in the middle of 2008 by Ashkan Safapour(Guitarist and composer) in Tehran.

Satura's origin comes from a piece of music in ancient Rome which was played before comic plays and as time went by, it received different meanings. But in official references and dictionaries Satura means to lampoon something or someone. Because of cultural antecedent, letter's arrangement and its special pronunciation, Satura was chose among thousands of suggesting names.

In the late of 2009, the band who were Ashkan Safapour( lead guitarist and backvocal), Milad Mohsen Zadeh( Rhythm guitarist), Mohammad Reza Rostami(Bassist) and Pedram Tangshir( Vocal) released two singles named '' Fire Under Ice'' and ''Enemy Of An Angle''. These two singles weren't that much popular due to its lack of recording's quality. Edward Daniel Zadeh appeared partly in rehearsals of these two singles as drummer.

In 2010 when Reza Gholami joined Satura as bassist (he replaced Mohammad Reza Rostami), they record their first album named ''Black Dream'' and it was welcomed from music fans of Iran and also foreign countries.

Lyrically, Black Dream album refers to social issues and roughness of society like: differences in social classes, poverty, lack of personal and social freedom, dishonesty and falsehood which is now spread among people. Black dream leaves its influence from all of these social issues with eastern melodies and scales.

Black Dream consists of 9 tracks and Satura was influenced by famous bands such as Chimaira, Lamb Of God, Devil Driver, Pantera. Regarding to genres Black dream is close to "groove" and "melodic death metal".

In this album Satura were: Ashkan Safapour( lead guitarist, composer and backvocal), Milad Mohsen Zadeh( Rhythm guitarist), Reza Gholami(Bassist), Pedram Tangshir( Vocal) and All the lyrics were written by Nasim Soleymani Nejad.

After recording of Black Dream, Milad Mohsen Zade and Pedram Tangshir left the band.