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Logo by Naas Alcameth (Nightbringer).


The spirit was born in 2001, formed by Vortigern, the sole creator. Then, after almost a decade in contemplation, it was again unleashed. With the collaboration of G. A. Chandler (Esoteric), Aran (Lunar Aurora) and T. J. F. Vallely (Omega Centauri) the debut album, self-titled, was recorded in 2012 and released in the first quarter of 2013 under the labels Mordgrimm and Gilead Media on CD and LP, respectively.

In the early years a few demos existed: one released in 2003 entitled Beneath The Horizon under the name Archaicus. The demo possessed the qualities of the sound later to become refined and developed. Even back then the reception was well receiving, and it was obvious the project was a stand-alone entity for its own cause; schismatic and disunified. Several other unreleased demos exist (The Vast Flame in 2002 and Catafalque in 2006). These never saw an official release, according to the wishes of Vortigern in that time period. But to accompany the debut album, demos from the early years were released as a collection on UK label Barghest, also in 2013. Some will thus observe that the debut album has acknowledgements both of its past characteristics and of its future progression.

The Lychgate project is entirely alive and resurrected after a period of dormancy - the candle relit - the flame burning stronger. Lychgate religiously prepare a follow-up album for the year 2014, which is due to exhibit the next stage of its evolution. The dichotomy between the era 2001 to 2013 and the years 2014 onwards will then be clear, without any betrayal of certain given characteristics of its past. Whilst the debut has tracks assembled from the temporally intermittent long-term scale that preceded it, the second full-length will focus purely on compositions from the years 2012 and 2013.

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