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Sedulity - Biography




Sedulity was formed in early 2009 by original members Tony C, JD Palomares and Jordan Elcess. Tyler Oulton joined shortly after as well. The four started as a band local to Tucson playing shows opening for national acts like Flotsam & Jetsam.

They quickly recorded their first demo and subsequent six track EP Integral Spirits showcasing a modern thrash sound with heavily influence from melodic death metal and latter era Death. The punk/thrash roots were evident in Tony C's vocal attack, but the dominant and double bass heavy drum patterns along with high speed tremlo riffs and the ocassional odd time signatures pulled from Old School Death Metal with a slight progressive tinge.

The band unfortunately suffered some lineup and scheduling hassles and never fully got off the ground. It essentially went on hiatus with no one particularly having the interest or means to continue. However, when MOMP started, releases were needed and so Tony C offered to put Integral Spirits up for the sake of material. This revived an interest in the project, and JD Palomares expressed interest to return as well. The two also enlisted the help of Lascaille's Shroud's Brett Windnagle for additional lead guitar, and Tyler Sherrill for additional composition and keyboard arrangements. The Valley Of Dying Stars marked their and final full-length release.

Due to a multitude of musical project commitments, Tony decided it was best to let the project rest and focus elsewhere.