Sentenced - Trivia

Miika had a genetic heart condition and died from a sudden attack at his home on February 18th, 2009. His grave can be found at the Kirkkosaari cemetery in his hometown Muhos.
In the middle of the instrumental track "The Golden Stream of Lapland" from the album "Amok" there is a voice that says "I am in a world of shit." This is from a character Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence's line in Stanley Kubrick's movie Fullmetal Jacket, as he is about to kill his drill sergeant and turn the gun on himself.
The instrumental "0132" (on Down) by Sentenced was composed to allude the hazy feeling after drinking Koskenkorva (the most common clear spirit drink (38%) in Finland). The name itself is the product code for the drink.
Routasydän, the only song Sentenced sang in Finnish, was dedicated to the band's hometown (Oulu) hockey team, Oulun Kärpät. The song caused something of a stir in Finland, as several politicians reviewed the lyrics and claimed that they contain Nazi overtones. The band has steadfastly refuted such claims.
Somewhere after the beginning of the song "Nepenthe" from the album "Amok" a voice is heard saying "Where's the booze? Flowin' like mud around here". It's Al Pacino from the movie Scent Of A Woman.
There is a calm part in the song "Neverlasting" where you will hear a clapping sound. The sound is Ville Laihiala slapping his butt.
The Sentenced logo was originally made by Taneli Jarva.
Sentenced began as a Death Metal band with some melodic elements, with Miika Tenkula on vocals, then progressed to become even more melodic, switching to Taneli Jarva on "North From Here". Jarva departed after "Love and Death", and Sentenced became closer to Heavy Metal, with the new singer. Today they're considered to be suicide rock.