Meshuggah - Trivia

Nothing was supposed to be recorded with 8 string guitars but the company who was building their 8 string guitars did not actually have them ready by the time Meshuggah was ready to write and record Nothing so the band decided to tune their 7 string guitars like 8 string guitars and record the album that way.

The company building their 8 strings also did not have the guitars ready for touring by the time Meshuggah were ready to tour in support of Nothing so instead of cancelling the tour the band just played songs from their back catalog for the whole tour.
In the song "Planet of the Apes" from the album Deconstruction from Devin Townsend you can hear the sentence: "While we all have lots of bands who influence still... we all rip off Meshuggah". Criticizing that fact that a lot of bands rip off Meshuggah instead of coming up with their own material.
Tomas Haake was a member of the development team for the "Drumkit from Hell" sample based drum software synthesizer created by Toontrack; he also recorded all of the drum samples for the DfH software. Tomas Haake also used the "Drumkit from Hell" software to record all of the drum tracks for Meshuggah's Catch Thirtythree album.
Drummer Tomas Haake married Crucified Barbara bassist Ida Evileye in mid-January 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Canadian musician and record producer Devin Townsend expressed his admiration for Meshuggah on several occasions, calling them "the best metal band on the planet"
Meshuggah is the favourite metal band of Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and Blackfield fame and co-producer of several albums by the Swedish progressive metal band Opeth. Meshuggah is also the favourite band of Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter. Jack Osbourne has also cited Meshuggah as a favourite band.
Meshuggah is derived from the Yiddish word for "crazy".
Meshuggah's first, self-titled EP is commonly known as Psykisk Testbild, but that title isn't printed anywhere on the album.