Hellhammer - Trivia

The last thing planned with Hellhammer was a full-length called To Mega Therion in mid-1984 with new tracks called "Beyond The Beyond", "Ride On The Wings Of Sabbath", "Defeat Of The Serpent", "Demon Entrails", and "Phallical Tantrum" among others. The band split up before the song-writing process was finished, and none of these tracks were ever formally recorded. However, Tom Warrior and Martin Eric Ain used the title To Mega Therion for the second Celtic Frost LP.
Hellhammer had three short-term bassists that time has since forgotten in 1983. Despite being the "Warrior brothers," Steve and Tom are unrelated. Steve was originally a roadie for Tom's previous band.
Thomas Gabriel Fischer was in that time known as "Satanic Slaughter".