Artillery - Trivia

The band also was featured on the "Speed Metal Hell" compilation album in 1985 with the song "Hey Woman". The band has broken and reformed twice: they first broke up in 1991, reformed in 1998, split up again in 2000 and reformed again in 2007.
Michael and Morten's surname is actually Hansen. Stützer is in fact their middle name.
Quorthon of Bathory wrote to drummer Carsten Nielsen in the summer of 1986, asking him if he'd be interested in joining Bathory. Nielsen replied that he figured his band Artillery would be ten times bigger than Bathory, and thus kindly but firmly turned the offer down. Quorthon never ended up finding anyone else to join to tour with him and so Bathory never played a live show.
Artillery was named after the track "Heavy Artillery" from the NWOBHM band Tank.