Clutch - Trivia

Clutch collaborated with New Belgium Brewing Company (Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, lots of other good stuff) to create the aptly named Clutch Dark Sour Ale.
Neil Fallon is also vocalist for The Company Band, a supergroup featuring James Rota of Fireball Ministry, Brad Davis of Fu Manchu, Jess Margera of CKY, and Dave Bone.
The song "Sleestak Lightning" is a humorous reference to blues singer Howlin Wolf's song "Smokestack Lightning" (Sleestaks being the green humanoid monsters from Land of The Lost). Clutch covered Howlin Wolf's "Who's Been Talkin" on their album "Robot Hive/Exodus".
Neil Fallon's sister, Mary Alice Fallon-Yeskey is featured on the Food Network Show "Ace of Cakes" as an employee of Charm City Cakes. In the episode "Rock and Roll" the crew of Charm City Cakes creates an amplifier cake for Clutch.