Ghost - Trivia

Chicago heavy metal-themed restaurant Kuma's Corner added a hamburger called "The Ghost" to its menu in tribute to Ghost. Its recipe includes goat shoulder, red wine reduction, and a communion wafer. The burger has been called "tasteless" by local Catholic institutions, who demanded that it was removed from the menu. The restaurant's owner has refused, and stated that the burger is quite popular and is quite tasty.
The Nameless Ghouls each represent one of the five elements; fire, water, wind, earth and ether, and wear their respective alchemical symbol on their robes.
The six members of Ghost mimic the Roman Catholic Church but have reversed the image to worship Satan instead of the Holy Trinity.
In 2013 Ghost changed their name to Ghost B.C. in the US, citing legal reasons which were undisclosed in a press release. One possible reason for the change may have to do with the other Ghost, the long-running Japanese rock band.
The real names of the band members have so far not been revealed, but Tobias "Mary Goore" Forge of Repugnant has song and lyrical credits under the pseudonym A Ghoul Writer, according to (Swedish Performing Rights Society).
Opus Eponymous was voted as the third best album the year 2001-2010 by the readers of Sweden Rock Magazine.