Death - Trivia

On the track "The Exorcist", a cover of a Possessed song released in the b-side of Individual Thought Patterns, drummer Gene Hoglan played guitar.
The 8th track in Individual Thought Patterns, "Destiny", has an acoustic guitar intro that wasn't played on the acoustic guitar but instead was played on the keyboard.
Individual Thought Patterns contains the Death track "The Philosopher", for which a music video was made that received airplay on MTV and was even reviewed - and comically panned - by Beavis & Butthead, where the duo mistake the boy in the video for Jeremy from the Pearl Jam video and mock Schuldiner's vocals.
In 1996 Chuck Schuldiner formed the progressive power project called Control Denied, releasing in 1999 the debut album 'The Fragile Art of Existence'.
Schuldiner designed the Death logo and its various incarnations during the length of his career. In 1991, before the release of Human, he cleaned up the logo taking out more intricate details, then in 1995 the "T" in the logo was changed from an inverted cross to a more regular looking "T".
Death's drummer Gene Hoglan is known for having odd things in his drum kits, like spent M-14 grenade shell and boat propeller on Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic. The propeller can be seen on The Philosopher video as well.
Death's album "Leprosy" impressed Napalm Death so much, that they left England and went to Florida, in "Morrisound Studios", to achieve the same raw sound for their album "Harmony Corruption".
Death have had some dramatic changes in their sound, starting off as death metal with gore related lyrics (Scream Bloody Gore). Up to the Human album, we start seeing the transformation of Death, with lyrics not relating to gore but more about the human mind. Up to Individual Thought Patterns the band has brought in progressive elements, thus on the last of the studio albums (The Sound of Perseverance) progressive metal has taken a firm hold of the sound, leading to common debate whether it even fits under the "death metal" classification.
The band's end was brought when Chuck Schuldiner died on December 13th, 2001.
One of the first death metal bands, originally named Mantas.