Samples from the song "Freak on A Leash" are used in Ukranian hardcore DJ Miss K8's song "No More Jokes"
Korn is often credited for creating the Nu Metal genre.
The band name is derived from a fan suggestion, "Corn," which the group initially rejected, but later settled on for a lack of better ideas. Later, Shaffer had the idea to spell the name with both a "K" instead of a "C," and a backwards "R," so the band's name would appear as "KoЯn.
Korn made a song entitled "The Camel Song" for the soundtrack to the film "End of Days" in 1999.
Guitarist James 'Munky' Schaffer acquired his nickname from his feet. Schaffer explains, "I'd spread 'em out and everyone said they look like hands, like monkey hands.
Bassist Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu was given his nickname early on by the band. "When I was younger, I had these chipmunk cheeks... so they called me 'Gopher', and then it became 'Garf'. Next they started calling me 'Garfield'. And finally it became 'Fieldy'.