Aborym - Videos


Directed by: Alberto Falcone
Album: Dirty

The ones behind Dirty:

Alberto Falcone - director
Luca Meneghel - DOP
Monica Brandini - art director / producer
Francesco Elipanni - cameraman
Monica Mangioni - makeup artist

Aborym's Fabban (bartender)
Aborym's Bard G.Eithun "Faust" (security guy)
Aborym's Paolo Pieri (stabber)
Luna Sangre (lost girl)
Graziana Bellofiore (posh girl)
Michele Galasso (stabbed guy)
Gabriele Carboni (pimp)
Alessia Luca (stripper)
Francesco Genio (drunk)
Antonio Riccelli (guy #1)
Oliver Isaac (guy #2)
Marika Baghino (girl #1)
Linda Flamini (girl #2)
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Directed by: Andrea Mazzucca and the Victorlab crew
Album: Dirty

Features model-actress Tanya Mishchenko.
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