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06.12Beseech - Share New Single
06.11Beseech - New Album Coming In 2016, Details Unveiled
07.01Beseech - Another New Song Streaming Online
24.12Beseech - Streaming Brand New Song
19.12Beseech - Are Back
07.11Beseech - Announce Farewell Gig/Live DVD
19.10Beseech - A Last Farewell...
24.08Beseech - To Release A New Demo
30.03Beseech - Looking For New Label
28.08Beseech - New Video and mp3s available
27.04Beseech - Update On New Album
18.02Beseech - Titles New Album!

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Beseech - Share New Single

Swedish gothic act Beseech are preparing to release a new album entitled My Darkness, Darkness. Their comeback record will be out on March 4th next year through Despotz Records, after ten years of silence. The band has now also shared their new single ''Highwayman'' and you can listen to it below. It's a cover of a song written by Jimmy Webb.


Source: facebook.com
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Beseech - New Album Coming In 2016, Details Unveiled

After coming back from a hiatus, Swedish gothic metal act Beseech released a few new singles last year. It was the first taste of new material from the outfit in years. But now a new album is finally taking shape. At long last, Beseech will release a new record called My Darkness, Darkness on the 4th of March after they signed a worldwide record deal with the Swedish label Despotz Records. Start getting excited!


Source: beseech.se
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Beseech - Another New Song Streaming Online

The end of 2013 has been good for Beseech fanatics. After the news that the band was returning, the group shared a new song to showcase their new material. But why stop there? The band has confirmed that they are releasing a new album, hopefully this year, and are now streaming yet another new song called "One Last Call". You can listen to it on their website right now.


Source: beseech.se
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Beseech - Streaming Brand New Song

If you were pleased with the news that Beseech are returning, you will be even happier today because the band has shared a brand new song called "The Ingredients", which is currently streaming on their new website. Alternatively, it is also available in the player below. The gothic metal group had promised something new for today, December 24th, and here it is. The song will be streaming from December 24th to the 31st. Dig in and enjoy it!


Source: beseech.se
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Beseech - Are Back

Swedish gothic metallers Beseech are preparing a treat for their fans. The band just announced that after nearly a decade of silence, Beseech is returning to the music scene in 2014 and "sounding more Beseech than ever by returning to their roots of melancholy and emotions." For the first time since Souls Highway, all the original composers are back in the band.


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Beseech - Announce Farewell Gig/Live DVD

Swedish Gothic metallers Beseech, who recently announced their decision to split up after over 15 years in the business, will play their final gig on December 15 at Trägårn in their hometown of Borås, Sweden. More info - in Swedish - can be found here.
The band has also revealed plans to release a DVD in early 2007 containing a remixed live show (with 5.1 Surround Sound) and "tons of material" from various concerts, studio sessions, backstage footage and "other crazy things that happen on tour."


Source: beseech.net
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Beseech - A Last Farewell...

This is an official statement from Beseech (as can be read on the official website):

All of us in the band have come to the sad conclusion to put Beseech to rest for good. The decision has not been easy because this has been a really big part of our personal lives for many years. We have met so many great people through the music and really loved what we have done. We are proud of the work that we have achieved.

However we cannot hide from the fact that we have grown apart from each other as persons and we have different views of how we want Beseech to work as a band. This has taken away all the inspiration to continue and we see this as the only solution in the end. This way we can all part as friends and wish each other good luck with new endeavors that will follow.


Source: beseech.net
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Posted: 19.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (10)

Beseech - To Release A New Demo

Beseech has hooked up with Rock The Nation Bookings/Management (a booking agency) wich handles such bands as Kataklysm and Graveworm.

As the group commented:"We hope and think this cooperation will take Beseech one step further when we talking about touring and to reach every possible country!"

In other News, Beseech are seeking a new record label to release a new demo following their split with Napalm Records. For a record contract, interested labels can contact the band at robert@beseech.net.

Source: blabbermouth.net
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Posted: 24.08.2006 by Døc | Comments (0)

Beseech - Looking For New Label

As Beseech contract with Napalm Records is over, the band is currently looking for a new label, the band is already negotiating, but will take some time to make the right decision.

Source: - Beseech Newsletter -
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Beseech - New Video and mp3s available

Taken from the official Beseech website:

25th AUGUST 2005

--You can now download the completely animated video for the song "Innerlane" that will begin to rotate on various TV stations in the middle of August.

--Listen to 3 longer soundsamples (2-3 minutes each) from the album "Sunless Days."

Source: beseech.net
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Beseech - Update On New Album

The band posted the following message concerning the upcoming album:

"The mixing of "Sunless Days" will begin on the 1st of May.
New songs on the album will as usual cross some new boundries, in some songs you will hear influences from bands such as Deftones, Tool and A perfect Circle! The album will also contain a re-make of the old Beseech song "Manmade Dreams" (from our 2nd album "Black Emotions") and a Danzig cover. The title of the Danzig cover will be a surprise but we can promise that it´s a killer version. Meanwhile there is a poll on the webpage (mainpage) on which Danzig song you think it is or which one you would like it to be."

Source: -Beseech newsletter-
Band profile: Beseech
Posted: 27.04.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Beseech - Titles New Album!

"SUNLESS DAYS" will be the name of the 5th Beseech album!
The album will be finished during March/April and released through Napalm Records.

26 March will BESEECH play a special gig at Sjunde Himlen in their hometown Borås (Sweden). Except that other bands will play this night as Iodine Jupiter and Depressive art (former Beseech member Klas new band) will BESEECH play some new songs from the coming album "SUNLESS DAYS" for the first time! Read more on the campign site...
If you want to travel from outside Sweden to this special gig please mail 26mars@beseech to get some more information of hotel & ticket etc.


Source: Official Homepage]
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