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17.05Nightwish - "Eva" Cover Revealed
 Vision Divine - New Song Posted Online
16.05Rush - New Video And More Album Details
 Hellfest - Winners Of The Metal Storm Contest Announced
 Akercocke - New Album Leads To Controversy
 Morgana Lefay - New Song And Video Online
 Black Majesty - New Song Online
15.05Nile - Upcoming Album Details
 Gorgoroth - New Music Video Premieres On MTV, Documentary Online
 Thy Majestie - Announce New Members, Live Video Footage Online
 Nocturnal Rites - Bonus DVD Preview, E-Card And Tour Dates
 Edguy - 2007 Tour Dates
 Rat Skates - Thrash Film Released
14.05Shaman - New Lineup, New Song, New Website
 Onslaught - DVD Details

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Nightwish - "Eva" Cover Revealed

Nightwish reveals the cover artwork for their new single "Eva", to be released in all major music download stores on May 30th. This will be the first chance to hear the band's new singer, who will be introduced to the public on the same day on this website ( As previously reported, this single will only be available on the internet and all profit will go to charity.

Click here to take a closer look!


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 17.05.2007 by Etaín | Comments (51)

Vision Divine - New Song Posted Online

Vision Divine have posted a new song online called "Alpha & Omega" from their forthcoming album, The 25th Hour at .

Band profile: Vision Divine
Posted: 17.05.2007 by Devil Child | Comments (2)

Rush - New Video And More Album Details

The following message was posted on Rush's official web site:

"This week, 'Far Cry' has been selected as "Directors Video Pick" on Youtube. To see the video for Far Cry directed by Chris Mills please click here".

'Far Cry' is the opening track of the new album "Snakes & Arrows" released May 01, 2007.

Here the tracklist again:

01. Far Cry
02. Armor And Sword
03. Workin' Them Angels
04. The Larger Bowl
05. Spindrift
06. The Main Monkey Business
07. The Way The Wind Blows
08. Hope
09. Faithless
10. Bravest Face
11. Good News First
12. Malignant Narcissism
13. We Hold On

"Snakes & Arrows" will be also released on the new MVI format on June 5th, 2007 after a few unavoidable production delays.


Band profile: Rush
Posted: 16.05.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Hellfest - Winners Of The Metal Storm Contest Announced

The contest is over and we're proud to announce the winners of the two 3-day tickets to Hellfest!

Marjorie A. from France

Péter B. from Hungary

The correct answers to the 3 questions of the contest were as follows:
Q1 - Which famous band had to cancel its performance last year at Hellfest is coming back this year?
Answer: Korn

Q2 - Which famous guitar manufacturer gave its name to one of the three stages at Hellfest?
Answer: Gibson

Q3 - What is the name of the famous local wine produced in the valley of Clisson?
Answer: Muscadet

Thanks to all of the participants! And remember, whether you win or not, don't miss Hellfest, this year's edition simply rules!
Hellfest will take place on June 22/23/24 in France and will feature more than 70 bands, including Slayer, Megadeth, Children Of Bodom, Dream Theater, Cynic, Immortal, Emperor... and many more!


Event: Hellfest Summer Open Air 2007
Posted: 16.05.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (3)

Akercocke - New Album Leads To Controversy

The forthcoming album from Akercocke, abruptly titled "Antichrist", has run into more controversy. The provocative nature of the record has already led to problems in Ireland, where the band will take part in a live discussion on the 'Nolan Live' show on BBC1 Northern Ireland tonight at 10.45pm with members of the Irish Catholic clergy.

Now the album has run into problems in the US, where the pressing plant handling the production of the album, Disc USA, has refused to handle the record due its 'anti-Christian' perspective. Commenting on the decision, Akercocke frontman Jason Mendonca stated:
"I rather perturbed that in this day and age, the 21st Century, people are so uptight. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the alleged democracy of the USA? Censorship is always ugly no matter how you view it. It smacks of fascism to me. What other works of art are barred to the good people of America?


Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 16.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (28)

Morgana Lefay - New Song And Video Online

Swedish Power Metal band Morgana Lefay have made 'Rush Of Possession' available for streaming online on their official MySpace page, here.

A video for the song 'Delusions' has been posted on YouTube. The clip was directed by the band's drummer, Owe Lingvall of Village Road Films.

Both songs come off Morgana Lefay's latest album "Aberrations Of The Mind", which was released in March via Black Mark.


Band profile: Morgana Lefay
Posted: 16.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Black Majesty - New Song Online

Australian Power Metallers Black Majesty have updated their website with the following message:

"We are pleased to offer a sneak preview from the forthcoming new Black Majesty album "Tomorrowland" by featuring the album opening song 'Forever Damned'. We hope this track gives everyone a taste of the new album.
The release date is set at June 1st for Europe with the rest of the world to follow soon after. A digi-pack version of the new album will also be released featuring two bonus tracks. We're looking forward to meeting everyone in the coming months when we go on tour - if you get the chance please come and say hello.
Metal cheers from Australia, Black Majesty."


Band profile: Black Majesty
Posted: 16.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Nile - Upcoming Album Details

Nuclear Blast Records has posted the tracklisting and a picture of the cover art of the upcoming Nile album "Ithyphallic" online. The album is due for a July 20 release in Germany and July 23 in the rest of Europe. The album was recorded at Sound Lab Studios in Columbia, South Carolina with producer Neil Kernon (Nevermore, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide) and engineer Bob Moore.

"Ithyphallic" tracklisting:

01. What Can Be Safely Written
02. As He Creates So He Destroys
03. Ithyphallic
04. Papyrii Containg The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water
05. Eat Of The Dead
06. Laying Fire Upon Apep
07. The Essential Salts
08. The Infinity Of Stone


Band profile: Nile
Posted: 15.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (15)

Gorgoroth - New Music Video Premieres On MTV, Documentary Online

Norway's Black Metallers Gorgoroth have posted the following message:

"Gorgoroth's new video for the track 'Carving A Giant' from last years "Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam" will premiere on this Sunday's (May 20) edition of MTV 's Headbanger's Ball which starts at 10:00 PM GMT +1 hour (rerun: May 21 at 12:00 AM)."

In other news, has posted all five episodes of a series on Norwegian Black Metal focusing primarily on Gorgoroth. Watch the footage online:

| Episode#1 | Episode#2 | Episode#3 | Episode#4 | Episode#5 |


Band profile: Gorgoroth
Posted: 15.05.2007 by Dead Ohlin | Comments (23)

Thy Majestie - Announce New Members, Live Video Footage Online

Italian Symphonic Power metal outfit Thy Majestie have welcomed vocalist Dario Cascio and guitarist Simone Campione to their ranks. Simone Campione was already familiar to the band as a session musician from the beginning of this year and later also as a touring musician.

A statement from the band goes as follows: "The new two members, Dario Cascio and Simone Campione have been absolutely FANTASTIC! We are so pleased to have them in our team!
They brought us LIFE and new enthusiasm. THEY ARE OFFICIALLY IN THE BAND. We look forward to starting working on the new album!!!"

In other news, the band just returned from The Fear Dark Festival at The Netherlands. The band commented "The Fear Dark festival was a GREAT GREAT experience!!! We are all really excited about that!" Video footage was made available at their website for the songs 'The Chosen', 'The King And The Warrior' and 'Echoes Of War'.


Band profile: Thy Majestie
Posted: 15.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (4)

Nocturnal Rites - Bonus DVD Preview, E-Card And Tour Dates

The following message was posted on Nocturnal Rites's official website:

"We have added a corny, little message from the band including some previews of the bonus DVD that comes with "The 8th Sin" over at NocTV. We have a new live-clip from the GoM-boat on there as well!
Also, Century Media has launched an e-card with us including a competition where 25 lucky winners get a free NR shirt. Don't miss!
Some exciting more cool stuff will be revealed in the coming days, so stay tuned".

For more info about the album go to this location or read more here and here.

In other news, Nocturnal Rites have teamed up with Finnish Heavy/Power Metallers Thunderstone for a co-headlining European tour this fall.


Band profile: Nocturnal Rites
Event: Thunderstone + Nocturnal Rites
Posted: 15.05.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Edguy - 2007 Tour Dates

The following updates were posted on the website of German Power Metal band Edguy:

"Due to an overwhelming response to their maiden tour of North America in 2005 with Hammerfall, Germany's beloved Edguy are bringing their "Rocket Ride World Tour" to the western hemisphere in support of their 2006 release of the same name, which climbed to the #27 slot on Billboard's Hard Music Chart. The tour will launch on Tuesday, September 11th in Hartford, Connecticut and will include Canada's Into Eternity, Norway's Susperia, plus a special guest. . On June 16th, the band will be back in Slovakia as special guest of the Scorpions in Bratislava. Edguy will also be this year's Saturday headliner at Germany's prestigious Bang Your Head!!! Festival on June 23rd, and are also confirmed for France's Hellfest on the 24th of July. All tour dates can be seen in the Tour Section of their website.


Band profile: Edguy
Event: Edguy - Rocket Ride World Tour
Posted: 15.05.2007 by Judas | Comments (2)

Rat Skates - Thrash Film Released


New Jersey- "Born in The Basement" a documentary from filmmaker/ Overkill founder Rat Skates, will be released on May 12, 2007 by Kundrat Productions

Written and narrated by Skates, this is an autobiographical journey that begins in 1980, when the East Coast of North America experienced a massive culture clash of Punk, Disco, Stoner Music, New Wave and Heavy Metal. Frustrated by this suburban identity crisis and fueled by "The New Wave of British Heavy Metal," a small group of energetic youths was unknowingly creating the most extreme music ever to assault global eardrums - Thrash Metal.

Skates was one of the most recognized pioneers of the movement. This is a drive through his tunnel vision to success, and the philosophy that turned his dreams into reality...THE "DIY" MINDSET!


Posted: 15.05.2007 by Marcel Hubregtse | Comments (8)

Shaman - New Lineup, New Song, New Website

Drummer Ricardo Confessori has assembled a new SHAMAN lineup following the group's split last October. Joining Confessori in the new group are guitarist Leo Mancini, vocalist Thiago Bianchi and bassist Fernando Quesada. Check out a photo of the new group at A song from the revamped band, entitled "One Life", can be downloaded at this location*.

This website seems to be the homepage of the new Shaman. Note that it doesn't seem to be officially open, yet you'll find many information on the new band, and their new album entitled "Immortal." Why the band seems to be able to use the name "Shaman" and not "Shaaman" is still unknown.


Band profile: Shaman
Posted: 14.05.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (12)

Onslaught - DVD Details

Metal Mind Productions has issued the following press release:

"British Thrash Metal legend Onslaught will release their first live DVD on 11th June via Metal Mind Productions.

After the band's reunion in 2005 and the release of their 4th studio album "Killing Peace" in 2007, the British thrash-metal legend Onslaught takes another step towards establishing their status as one of the greatest acts of that genre.

Their first live DVD "Live Polish Assault 2007" is due to be released on 11th June and will contain more than an hour of veritable thrash mayhem: dirty and furious guitar riffs, powerful rhythm section - all this havoc crowned with Sy Keeler's distinctive devilish shrieks. Filmed during the band's first gig in Poland, the DVD will include a well-balanced mixture of some of the best Onslaught songs performed live! Among other bonus features, the DVD will also include an interview with Nige Rockett and Sy Keeler, bonus live video footage from the band's gigs in Japan and Holland, as also bonus audio tracks from the gig at Bristol Colston Hall, 1987 (featuring Onslaught's very first live performance of "Let There Be Rock")!"


Band profile: Onslaught
Posted: 14.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (1)

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