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15.01Symphony X - New Video Online
 Catamenia - New Album Title Revealed
 Iced Earth - To Headline ProgPower USA IX
 Dead Head - Signs With Displeased Records
14.01In Flames - Upcoming Album Title And Tracklisting Revealed
 Moonspell - New Album Update
13.01Visions Of Atlantis - Looking For A New Female Vocalist
 Threshold - Wins Three Awards In The UK
 Darkwell - Has A Youtube Channel
 Machine Head - Tour Updates
 Hellhammer - Demon Entrails Details
 Kalmah - Canadian Tour Announced
 Stormwarrior - Upcoming Album Details
 Kiuas - New Album Updates
12.01CiLiCe - Hellbound Tour & Upcoming Album

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Symphony X - New Video Online

Posted on Symphony X's Website:

"The new video by Symphony X, "Set the World on Fire", has been accepted by MTV 2 and will be available for preview from January 11th, 2008 courtesy of MTV's Headbangers Blog"

For copyright reasons the above link only works for people living in the US. Other nationalities can watch the video on YouTube.


Band profile: Symphony X
Posted: 15.01.2008 by Krafve | Comments (13)

Catamenia - New Album Title Revealed

Finnish melodic black metal act Catamenia has issued the following update:

"Our forthcoming album is titled as 'VIII'. We will enter the studio as soon as possible and during the recordings, a studio diary will also be provided."

In other news, the band has made it to the Metal From Finland Awards


"Thank you all who supported Catamenia and cast us a vote in Metal From Finland contest end of the last year. We made it into actual Awards with your awesome help! But again your vote would be so much appreciated, so if you feel like helping us again, click here and give us your vote. Thank you and wish you all the best in 2008!"


Band profile: Catamenia
Posted: 15.01.2008 by Dr.Rock | Comments (12)

Iced Earth - To Headline ProgPower USA IX

The following statement was posted on ProgPower USA's website:

American power metal giants Iced Earth have been confirmed as the headliner for ProgPower USA IX, which returns to Atlanta's Center Stage on September 26 & 27.

Iced Earth founder, Jon Schaffer had the following to say regarding the festival:"Well, it's been a long time coming, but things have finally lined up right for us to be able to do Glenn's festival. It's truly an honor for Iced Earth to play the ProgPower USA festival. I flew down several years ago to check it out and it is definitely a top notch operation. It's really a model for the way festivals should be run, good people with integrity make all the difference in any organization, and Glenn and his crew are all that and more. This is something that we've wanted to do for a long time and it's finally going to work out perfectly for our plans in 2008.Part 2 of the "Something Wicked" epic will be out right around this time and it will be a killer celebration! This will be very cool, and a good time will be had by all!We look forward to seeing you there!" I am beyond excited to have America's premiere metal band on stage at America's premiere metal festival" said promoter Glenn Harveston. I may be the promoter, but I'm just as big a fanboy as everyone else in wanting to see them here in Atlanta. I want to personally thank Jon Schaffer for believing in me and the festival.


Band profile: Iced Earth
Event: ProgPower USA IX
Posted: 15.01.2008 by DoomGuard | Comments (5)

Dead Head - Signs With Displeased Records

Dutch brutal Thrash Metal band Dead Head signs with Displeased Records.

Expect the new full length in the summer of 2008.

Current line-up:
Tom van Dijk - vocals, bass
Ronnie van der Wey - guitar
Robbie Woning - guitar
Hans Spijker - drums

Dead Head was formed April 8th 1989 in Kampen, Holland. On that day the four original members, Tom van Dijk (bass, vocals), Robbie Woning (guitar), Ronnie van der Wey (guitar), and Hans Spijker (drums), decided to form a band and to become the most intensive and brutal thrash metal band Europe had ever seen. In the fine tradition of bands like Dark Angel, Kreator and Sadus they distilled their own way of composing songs and making a solid impact on stage by pounding out their songs as if every minute could be their last.

Posted: 15.01.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (5)

In Flames - Upcoming Album Title And Tracklisting Revealed

Swedish metallers In Flames have posted on their myspace blog that their upcoming album entitled "A Sense Of Purpose" artwork and booklet, can be viewed here, was done by Alex Padree who also did the artwork and the booklet for the single.

The release date from Nuclear Blast Records for Europe, and the rest of the World (except for the US) is set for 4 April 2008. The album will be released in the US. However, a label and date is still to be determined.

The album will contain the following tracks:

01. The Mirror's Truth
02. Disconnected
03. Sleepless Again
04. Alias
05. I'm The Highway
06. Delight And Angers
07. Move Through Me
08. The Chosen Pessimist
09. Sober And Irrelevant


Band profile: In Flames
Posted: 14.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (43)

Moonspell - New Album Update

"Night Eternal" will be the title of the new Moonspell album. The recording sessions will take place between the 7th and the 31st of January 2008 in Denmark's finest Metal studio, Antfarm. Tue Madsen, who worked with the band on the "Under Satanae project, will be producing Moonspell's new opus. The band has revealed some of their song titles already: 'Shadow Sun', 'Night Eternal' (title track), 'At Tragic Heights', 'Scorpion Flower', 'Spring Of Rage', 'Hers Is The Twilight' among others songs that will take part of this new work. Further into the concept it was disclosed that it refers to the "wear and the tear of the Earth", how we are consuming its energy and its vital force and how it will take its revenge upon us. Memorial's musical line was taken a step further and Night Eternal will be a quite intense album itself, darkly atmospheric yet really heavy and catchy. In Night eternal expect nothing but great guitar riffs, breathtaking songs and epic atmospheres. The exact release date will be announced soon yet the album is coming out in May.


Band profile: Moonspell
Posted: 14.01.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (8)

Visions Of Atlantis - Looking For A New Female Vocalist

Visions Of Atlantis has stated on their official website that they are in need of a talented female singer who is ready to have the necessary commitment and dedication for joining the crew. The band asks the potential candidates to send a demo of one's vocals' abilities to the following e-mail address: a long with some of the candidates' pictures.

The group is looking forward to the submissions from all talented volunteers.


Band profile: Visions Of Atlantis
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Frodo Of Steel | Comments (16)

Threshold - Wins Three Awards In The UK

Progressive metallers Threshold have have won awards for best singer, best drummer and best album track at the Classic Rock Society awards in the UK.

- Best Vocalist: Damian Wilson (Threshold)
- Best Drummer: Johanne James (Threshold)
- Best Album Track: Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (Threshold)

Johanne James won the best drummer award for the second consecutive year. Damian Wilson won the best vocalist award after returning to the band for last year's tour. The best album track award was won by Richard West's song Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams from Threshold's latest studio album Dead Reckoning.

Band profile: Threshold
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (3)

Darkwell - Has A Youtube Channel

Austrian gothic metallers Darkwell have posted on their website that band now has a you tube channel that can be found at this location. On the channel, live clips of 2007 have been uploaded.

Today, the band will performing live P.M.K. Innsbruck, Austria.


Band profile: Darkwell
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Kariasakis7 | Comments (6)

Machine Head - Tour Updates

Machine Head returns to the States after an Australian and European tour for a run of dates with HellYeah, beginning January 25th in New York. Immediately following that, the band head back to Dubai to play the Desert Rock festival, then to Israel and India, both for the first-time ever, followed by a string of headlining dates in Japan, to be confirmed soon.

01.23 - Flint, MI - The Machine Shop (Warm-Up, MH Headline)
01.25 - Clifton Park, NY - Northern Lights
01.26 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
01.27 - Richmond, VA - Toad's Place
01.29 - Charleston, SC - The Music Farm
01.30 - Charlotte, NC - Amos Southend
02.01 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
02.02 - Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues


Band profile: Machine Head
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Elegy | Comments (0)

Hellhammer - Demon Entrails Details

With the release of "Demon Entrails" on February 18, 2008 the days of numerous sub-standard bootlegs of the classic Hellhammer demos "Death Fiend", "Triumph of Death" and "Satanic Rites" are finally over! Currently also working on a book dealing with the history of Hellhammer, founder Tom Gabriel Fischer points out the importance of this release:

"The release of these demos is very significant to both Martin Eric Ain and me. No matter how one looks at Hellhammer, this was our first recorded music so many years ago, and it represents the radicalness of our own lives at the time. These demos became the foundation to everything we later created in Celtic Frost. Hell reigned on earth."


Band profile: Hellhammer
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Warman | Comments (8)

Kalmah - Canadian Tour Announced

Finnish metallers Kalamh have announced the For The Revolution Tour dates in Canada:

23 April - Toronto
24 April - Hamilton
25 April - Sudbury
26 April - Rouyn
27 April - Sag/Lac
28 April - Quebec
29 April - Montreal
30 April - Saint-Hyacinthe

Venues to be announced soon. This will be the band's first time to tour Canada.

Band profile: Kalmah
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (14)

Stormwarrior - Upcoming Album Details

Stormwarrior's album "Heading Northe" will be released on 22 February, which will coincide with the band's 10 year anniversary. The release party of the album will be at the Ballroom in Hamburg where Stormwarrior will also be joined by ex-members of the band.

Tracklisting of the album:

01. And The Horde Calleth For Oden
02. Heading Northe
03. Metal Legacy
04. The Holy Cross
05. Iron Gods
06. Ragnarök
07. The Revenge Of Asa Lande
08. Remember The Oathe
09. Lion Of The Northe
10. Into The Battle


Band profile: Stormwarrior
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (4)

Kiuas - New Album Updates

Finnish metallers Kiuas have announced that their upcoming album entitled "The New Dark Age" will be released on 5 March in Finland (TBA in other countries).

Tracklisting for the album is as follows:

01. The Decaying Doctrine
02. Conqueror
03. Kiuas War Anthem
04. The New Dark Age
05. To Excel And Ascend
06. Black Rose Withered
07. After The Storm
08. Of Sacrifice, Loss And Reward
09. The Summoning
10. The Wanderer's Lamentation
11. Towards The Hidden Sanctum

The cover art is the product of the visionary artist/musician Niklas Sundin The picture is an original drawing in the style of renaissance woodcut illustrations, and portrays the members of Kiuas as the four - or in this case five - horsemen of the Apocalypse with a dismal landscape that combines ancient and modern times.


Band profile: Kiuas
Posted: 13.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (4)

CiLiCe - Hellbound Tour & Upcoming Album

Cilice has posted some updates on their MySpace:

The 2008 CILICE album 'Deranged Headtrip' will be released soon... Listen to the first track, "God Of Lies" on the Cilice official MySpace."

For promotion of the album, they also have announced a tour through Europe with the Brazilian Torture Squad (thrashband, metalbash winner WACKEN OPEN AIR 2007). The Hellbound Tour will be in May and June, updates will follow.


Posted: 12.01.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (0)

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