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12.02Slayer - Win "Best Metal Performance" Grammy
 Shadows Fall - Update On Upcoming Album + Studio Video
 Paradise Lost - Confirm Release Date For The New Album
 Necrophagist - Cancel First Eight European Tour Dates
 Katatonia - Spanish/Portuguese Tour Confirmed
11.02Exodus - Another Live Video Online
 Dimmu Borgir - New Album Track List Revealed + Other Details About The Album
09.02Laethora - Side Project Of Niklas Sundin And The Provenance
 Dream Theater - Sign With Roadrunner Records
08.02Graspop 2007 - And The Headliners Are...
 Samael - To Release Best-Of Compilation
 Iron Maiden - Summer Shows In Germany And Czech Republic
 Stratovarius - New Concerts Announced
 Marduk - New Album Title Announced, Cover Artwork Revealed
07.02Children Of Bodom - Alexi Laiho Wounded (Again)

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Slayer - Win "Best Metal Performance" Grammy

Slayer have won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for the song 'Eyes Of The Insane,' beating out Lamb Of God (Redneck), Mastodon (Colony Of Birchmen), Ministry (Lies, Lies, Lies), and Stone Sour (30/30-150).

This was Slayer's second Grammy nomination, the first being in 2002 for the track 'Disciple' (from "God Hates Us All"), also in the Best Metal Performance category.

Slayer, currently headlining a North American tour, did not attend the Grammy's presentation, but vocalist/bassist Tom Araya had this to say about the win from his hotel room in Columbus, OH: "Jeff and I put a lot into 'Eyes Of The Insane' so we're thrilled that the Grammy voters took the time to listen to it, and then vote for it. We're out here on the road and we're all really, really happy."


Band profile: Slayer
Event: Slayer: US Tour
Posted: 12.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (24)

Shadows Fall - Update On Upcoming Album + Studio Video

American Thrash outfit Shadows Fall are set to release their new album "Threads Of Life" on April 3. The band have released a new video of themselves in the studio during the making of the album. Check it out at either of these links.

A message from frontman Brian Fair is as follows:

"What's happening everyone!! I know it has been a while since my last update but expect to be hearing from me a lot over the next few weeks!!"

"Lots of stuff going on in the world of Shadows Fall these days. We are eagerly awaiting the release of THREADS OF LIFE on April 3rd and are currently gearing up for the Jager Music Tour with our friends in Stone Sour and Lacuna Coil. We have been at home for a LONG time so there is a lot of pent up energy set to explode when we hit the stage in March!! We plan on debuting a few new songs from THREADS OF LIFE as well as working some older tunes back into the rotation."


Band profile: Shadows Fall
Posted: 12.02.2007 by pyroleprechaun | Comments (4)

Paradise Lost - Confirm Release Date For The New Album

The British Goth metalers made the following announcement on their website:
"The UK release date for Paradise Lost's 11th studio album - 'In Requiem' has been confirmed and is set to be May 21st.
Release dates for other territories are expected in the near future, so stay tuned!"

As stated earlier this week, the artwork for the new album is to be done by "Seth Siro Anton", who was the artwork designer for the last album, "Paradise Lost". Producer of this album is Rhys Fulber and the mixing has been made by Mike Fraser - who is well known for his work with bands such as Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen etc...

Nick Holmes also stated the following about the release:


Band profile: Paradise Lost
Posted: 12.02.2007 by iaberis™ | Comments (8)

Necrophagist - Cancel First Eight European Tour Dates

German death metal band Necrophagist has been forced to cancel the first eight dates of its previously announced "Carving Europe's Epitaph Vol. II" tour. The group's official statement reads as follows:

"We are extremely disappointed about having to inform you that due to unforeseen and out-of-our-control circumstances we will not be able to play the first eight dates of our upcoming tour with Misery Index, Origin and Burning Skies. We are very sorry about any problems that this might be causing you and thank you for giving Misery Index and Origin the chance to prove that they are well worthy of taking on our position as the headliner for these dates."

The affected dates are as follows:


Band profile: Necrophagist
Event: Necrophagist: Carving Europe's Epitaph Tour
Posted: 12.02.2007 by beer | Comments (3)

Katatonia - Spanish/Portuguese Tour Confirmed

Katatonia guitarist Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström has posted the following on the band's official website:

"Since Spain was left out of the european tour back in spring last year, we're happy to be able to fullfill our fans requests and finally come down to do what we do best in April (better late than never, right?). The last time we played in Spain was over three years ago, so this is an ideal comeback. And the good news doesn't end here. We also have the honor to finally be able to play in Portugal for the first time ever (well kind of, we did play up north in a forest at a obscure festival once) and meet all our (until this day neglected) fans. All of this is bound to be an exciting spring time, so dont miss out!"


Band profile: Katatonia
Event: Katatonia Spanish/Portuguese Tour 2007
Posted: 12.02.2007 by X-FrEaK | Comments (2)

Exodus - Another Live Video Online

Another live video of Exodus taken during the Monsters Of Mayhem tour is available for viewing online at the Underground Video Television (UVTV).
The live clip was filmed at The Croc Rock in Allentown PA during the Monsters Of Mayhem Tour and is for their 'eight-plus minute ass-kicking in auditory form' track "Deathamphetamine" which is loaded with tons of energy from both the band and the crowd. Watch closely around the 3:20 mark to see Rob Dukes end up leaping into the pit to mosh & surf with the fans.

After the show Exodus bassist Jack Gibson, as their tour bus was negotiating the narrow alley next to the club for the band to unload their gear, told the UVTV crew stories in amazement of how their tour bus driver in Europe drove down an elbow narrow street and then managed to back the bus out with cars parked on either side leaving barely 3-4 inches of space and did not stop once nor hit anything. "Tour bus driving is indeed an art in of itself," Jack said and expressed hopes that "as long as my hair looks good then the live videos you guys shot will be just fine - it's all about the hair," he said with a grin.


Band profile: Exodus
Posted: 11.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Dimmu Borgir - New Album Track List Revealed + Other Details About The Album

Norwegian symphonic black metallers Dimmu Borgir have finalized the track listing for their new album, "In Sorte Diaboli", due in North America on April 24 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD will arrive in Europe on April 30 (April 27 in Germany).

"In Sorte Diaboli" was recorded and mixed at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden with producers Fredrik Nordström and Patrik J. Sten. A limited-edition digipack version of the CD will include the bonus cut "The Ancestral Fever" along with a bonus DVD containing the video for the album's opening track, "The Serpentine Offering", shot by director Patric Ullaeus of Sweden's Revolver Film Company. Ordering information on both the regular and digipack version can be found at


Band profile: Dimmu Borgir
Posted: 11.02.2007 by pyroleprechaun | Comments (32)

Laethora - Side Project Of Niklas Sundin And The Provenance

Dark Tranquillity guitarist Niklas Sundin and Joakim Rosén, Jonnie Tell and Joel Lindell from The Provenance made up a death metal project called Laethora. They will be releasing their debut album "March of the parasite" in Europe on February 26.

More information concerning Laethora and pre-ordering the album are available on their website and their myspace ""

Band profile: Laethora
Posted: 09.02.2007 by ylside | Comments (2)

Dream Theater - Sign With Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records is proud to announce the signing of progressive metal pioneers Dream Theater.
A new studio album, Systematic Chaos is due in June. Dream Theater will hit the road in support of the album for a world tour, including major festival appearances in Europe.

"Dream Theater and Roadrunner Records have led parallel careers on the cutting edge of metal for many years," say A&R men, Derek Oliver & Dante Bonutto, "We're thrilled to be working with a genuine market-leader, and when you add everything the guys bring to the table to the independent spirit and work ethic of the label, the results can only be exciting in the extreme!"

Prior to teaming up with Roadrunner, Dream Theater was signed to a seven-album deal with Warner Music Group worldwide. The deal commenced with the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Images And Words (1992), a Gold-certified US release, and concluded, in equal style, with Octavarium (2005), a Top 40 Billboard outing. In August of last year the band issued Score, a live album/DVD (recorded at Radio City Music Hall in New York), which went straight to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard DVD charts, knocking Pink Floyd from the top!


Band profile: Dream Theater
Posted: 09.02.2007 by Baz Anderson | Comments (40)

Graspop 2007 - And The Headliners Are...


Once again, the GMM gossip factory has been working overtime! The air is rife with rumors and wild guesses and everyone's speculating what bands may or may not be programmed for this year's edition. Oh well, you probably deserve a little foretaste, so we won't try your patience any longer.

Take a deep breath and hold on to your hats because here comes the first batch of names for the GRASPOP METAL MEETING 2007:

Aerosmith (Friday)

This year's line-up features America's number one rock band AEROSMITH. They will be closing the festival on Friday. With Aerosmith, Graspop is bringing a legendary hard rock 'n' roll circus to town. The Boston band with singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry coloured the seventies with hits like Sweet Emotion and Dream on and with powerful records such as Toys in the Attic and Rocks. Rock debauchery almost brought the band to its knees in the early eighties, but absolute hits like Rag Doll and Janie's Got a Gun put Aerosmith back on top. Recently the band returned to two of their biggest loves: the blues on the Honkin' on Bobo album and performing live on Rockin' the Joint. Aero Force One has landed!


Event: Graspop Metal Meeting 2007
Posted: 08.02.2007 by Jeff | Comments (24)

Samael - To Release Best-Of Compilation

Century Media is about to release a Samael best-of compilation. The collection of 19 songs are taken from every Samael release to date. The CD comes in a black slip-case with a 24 page booklet, containing pictures and lyrics. Samael supervised the whole project and vocallist/guitarist Vorph wrote liner notes for each song as the release coincides with the band's 20th anniversary.

The compilation will be entitled "Aeonics - An Anthology" and will have the following tracklist:

01. Exodus
02. Black Trip
03. Rebellion
04. Baphomet's Throne
05. Telepath
06. Together
07. Supra Karma
08. Jupiterian Vibe
09. Rain
10. The Cross
11. After The Sepulture
12. On Earth
13. Moonskin
14. Worship Him


Band profile: Samael
Posted: 08.02.2007 by _CrAsH_ | Comments (8)

Iron Maiden - Summer Shows In Germany And Czech Republic

The following shows have been confirmed for the summer of 2007:

08.06.07 - Sudweststadion, Ludwigshafen (near Mannheim)
17.06.07 - MSV Stadium, Duisburg

Tickets will go on sale at Thursday 8th February and they can be ordered from or via telephone on the ticket hotline +49 (0)1805 - 57 0000.

Support for the shows will be announced soon. You can check the promoters site:

Czech Republic Special Show:
06.06 Ostrava Banik Football Stadium, Ostrava

Tickets will be go on sale at Wednesday February 7th and they can be ordered from

At the time of Iron Maiden's "A Matter Of Life And Death World Tour 2006" it wasn't possible to schedule a date for the Czech Republic, but the band have said that they like playing there, so they've included this date in their short run of European stadium and festival appearances.


Band profile: Iron Maiden
Event: Iron Maiden: Summer Stadium Tour
Posted: 08.02.2007 by Lioncourt | Comments (1)

Stratovarius - New Concerts Announced

The following gigs have been confirmed for 2007:

22.05.07 - Big Cat, Osaka, Japan
24.05.07 - Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan
25.05.07 - Finland Fest at Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan

More details about Stratovarius' appearances at Masters Of Rock Festival in July and Wacken Open Air in August are said to be announced soon.

Band profile: Stratovarius
Event: Stratovarius: Japanese Dates
Posted: 08.02.2007 by Lioncourt | Comments (0)

Marduk - New Album Title Announced, Cover Artwork Revealed

Swedish Black Metallers Marduk have decided upon "Rom 5:12" as the title of their new album. The cover artwork can be seen here. The CD was recorded at Endarker studio and features guest appearances by Arditi, Joakim Göthberg (ex-Marduk member) on a track entitled "Cold Mouth Prayer", and Alan "Nemtheanga" Averill from Irish band Primordial on the song "Accuser/Opposer".

Marduk wrote and recorded 14 songs for the album, and have decided on a final 10. The tracklist looks like this:

01. The Levelling Dust
02. Cold Mouth Prayer
03. Imago Mortis
04. Through The Belly Of Damnation
05. 1651
06. Limbs Of Worship
07. Accuser/Opposer
08. Vanity Of Vanities


Band profile: Marduk
Posted: 08.02.2007 by beer | Comments (3)

Children Of Bodom - Alexi Laiho Wounded (Again)

As posted on the bands official website:

"One week ago Alexi had the worst luck. He tripped at a bowling alley and his shoulder was hurt. Something is broken but it's not serious like the accident two years ago. He has to be careful because the shoulder will be sensitive for a while. 6 weeks of no guitar playing - doctor's orders. This means all the activities planned to happen within the next 5 weeks have to be cancelled. We can have a break from rehearsals but what breaks our hearts is that we are not able to perform in Desert Rock (Dubai, U.A.E.) in March 2007. That festival was something we were looking forward to but it just can't happen.

There's nothing we can do about this!"


Band profile: Children Of Bodom
Event: Desert Rock Festival
Posted: 07.02.2007 by Warman | Comments (48)

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