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SIG:AR:TYR - New Album Details And New Song Online

The following update was issued on the SIG:AR:TYR's MySpace blog:

"I've been hard at work over the last several months on the third full-length SIG:AR:TYR album. I'm about 2/3 of the way done, and still aiming to be completed by the end of summer.

The new album will be called "Godsaga". Its theme centers around the concept of man transforming into a god, and Odin's sacrifice on the world tree Yggdrasil. This album is not a linear concept album such as "Sailing The Seas Of Fate", but each song deals with these similar themes.

Expect a darker, heavier, more intense and focused album, while still delivering the traditional SIG:AR:TYR hallmarks of previous works."

"Godsaga" tracklist:

01. Nights All Nine
02. Midwinter Sacrifice
03. Blood Of The North
04. Black Sun's Bane
05. Eternal Return
06. Sleep Of The Sword
07. Sonatorrek
08. Godsaga
09. Distant Northern Shore

In other news, I've been asked to put together a playlist of Viking/Folk metal songs for the Blood Eagle Radio podcast show. I hope to play some of my favourites, but also a few more obscure tracks from bands that I think deserve more attention.

As an added bonus, to give everyone a taste of what is to come, we will also be playing a brand new track from the upcoming "Godsaga" album! Stay tuned for news on when this podcast will be released.

Hails to you all this Midsummer,
Till next time,

Two days ago, Daemonskald added: "The latest podcast of Blood Eagle Radio is now up, featuring a playlist of some of my favourite pagan/viking/folk metal bands, including a few fellow Canadian bands. At the end of the show is the premiere of a brand new SIG:AR:TYR track "Blood Of The North" from the forthcoming album."


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Redemption - New Album Details, Video Teaser Online

US metallers Redemption will release their forthcoming album, entitled "Snowfall On Judgment Day", on September 28th in Europe (on September 29th in US) through Inside Out Music/SPV.

The cover artwork of the album was once again created by Travis Smith.

"Snowfall On Judgment Day" cover art] tracklist:

01. Peel
02. Walls
03. Leviathan Rising
04. Black And White World
05. Unformed
06. Keep Breathing
07. Another Day Dies
08. What Will You Say
09. Fistfull Of Sand
10. Love Kills Us All/Life In One Day

The band adds: "We have a new promotional video ready for the album release. Check it out on Youtube at this link. The video includes soundclips from all songs on the upcoming album."


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Spawn Of Possession - Line-Up Changes

Swedish metallers Spawn Of Possession have issued the following update:

"Two very talented and competent musicians have recently joined Spawn Of Possession. Matthew Chalk (Ex-Psycroptic) is going to handle the vocal and lyric writing. Christian Münzner (Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) is going to do the lead guitar part and unleash his madness into the multicoloured and distorted universe of Spawn Of Possession."

Spawn Of Possession' current line-up:

Vocals - Matthew Chalk
Bass - Erlend Caspersen
Drums - Richard Schill
Guitar - Christian Münzner
Guitar - Jonas Bryssling

Regarding the upcoming album, the band adds: "The songwriting process has been going quite well these last few months and five new songs are now complete. Seven other songs are in the works. We recorded a little pre-production of a new song to finally break the silence. Download it here."


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Flotsam & Jetsam - European Tour Dates

US metallers Flotsam & Jetsam have scheduled the following European tour dates:

Aug. 21 - Treibsand - Lübeck, Germany
Aug. 22 - Rock Mania - Dettelbach, Germany
Aug. 23 - Rock Temple - Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Aug. 24 - Die Halle - Frankfurt, Germany
Aug. 25 - Exit Chmelnice - Praha, Czech Republic
Aug. 26 - Heya Club - Szczecin, Poland
Aug. 27 - Wacken Rocks South - Rieden/Kreuth, Germany
Aug. 28 - Turock - Essen, Germany
Aug. 29 - Wacken Rocks Seaside - Aurich, Germany
Aug. 29 - Elsrock - Rijssen, The Netherlands


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Event: Flotsam & Jetsam: European Tour
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Eyefear - Keyboardist Leaves, Replacement Announced

Original news, posted on 19.06.2009

The band posted the following on their MySpace:

"It is with great regret that our long time keyboard player Sammy Giaccotto has decided to leave Eyefear. We wish him all the best and thank him for his contribution. It's been an awesome ride !!!!!!
On the positive side we will be introducing our new keyboard player in the next few days."

Sammy's statement was posted as well, and reads as follows:

"Life is full of many decisions, and this was by far one of the most difficult I've had to make.

I have decided to leave Eyefear so I may concentrate more on music recording/production and less on live performance, etc. This is not to say that I wont be performing live any more, I'm sure that in the future I will submit to creativity and write and record a studio album to play live once or twice, this project may even include some Eyefear members, who knows!

I'd like to thank all those both here at home and overseas for supporting Eyefear and myself. All my family and friends, bands we've played shows with, both here and overseas, venues, promoters, industry people, media people, soundguys, etc. And of course, the fans and music lovers who go to gigs and support bands like Eyefear, you all rock! All those involved in helping the band in any way, thank you.

Thanks to Claus and Lars from Intromental management, for believing in Eyefear and doing all you can. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks to all the gang at Dockyard1.

A special thanks to the members of Eyefear, Danny, Con, Zain, Rob (ex-bass player) and Evan. I consider you all as family and wont forget the killer times we had both on and off stage! It's been a blast!

I wish you all the best.



UPDATE (thanks to 28097)

Australian metallers Eyefear have issued the following update:

"We'd like to welcome the newest member of Eyefear - Seb Schneider.

We are extremely happy to have found someone that not only is he a great musician but will contribute to the writing process for the next album and just as important is a great guy. It really feels like a fresh start with both Seb and Evan now in the band and we are really looking forward to playing some great shows in the next few months and then of course begin writing the next album."

Seb's statement: "As the new keyboard player for Eyefear I feel extremley privileged to have been asked to come on board to replace the awesome sammy giaccotto whose previous work with the band has been phenominal and whose shoes will be challenging to fill.


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Sycronomica - Sign With Silverwolf Productions, New Album Update

The following update was issued on Sycronomica's MySpace blog:

"Munich's epic-blackmetal band Sycronomica have signed a new worldwide record deal with the Bavarian label Silverwolf Productions/SPV. At the moment the band's third output "Sycroscope" is recorded in Munich's well known Helion Studios where also both predecessor albums "Paths" (2004) and "Gate" (2006) have been recorded.

The release is scheduled for October the 23rd 2009 and will be celebrated with a special release show at the Helion Festival II (among others Equilibrium, Debauchery, Suidakra, Dark Fortress, Riger) in Munich on October the 24th.

At the moment Sycronomica is looking for other shows as well as a tour slot for the period autumn/winter 2009/10. Bookers and promoters may contact the band at any time via sycronomica web de."


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Black Tide - New Video Online

"Warriors Of Time", the new video from US metallers Black Tide, has been made available online.

"Warriors Of Time" comes off the band's latest album, entitled "Light From Above", which was released last year via Interscope Records.


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Wacken Open Air - W:O:A Live Stream

Wacken Open Air, believed to be the biggest Heavy Metal open air festival in the world, is only one more month away. The festival has been sold out for many months now... but so what?

For everyone who had already given up hope for this year's Wacken Festival, here comes your salvation: Wacken Online Live Stream is back! 40 hours of live streaming and broadcasts are waiting for you from all of the stages: True Stage, Black Stage, Party Stage, and W.E.T. Stage! The whole thing is provided in amazing quality, so that even online you can get your mosh pit money's worth.
If you don't want to miss out, you need to get your online tickets quickly - moshers who get their orders in early will pay even less: anyone who orders their ticket by July 15 will pay just 10.90 for all 3 days (after July 15th it will cost 15.90).

The live stream line up will be announced very soon.

Get your tickets through Eventim at this location.

Please note: in order to enjoy the live stream at, you will have to activate your personal ticketcode that is printed on the ticket you need to purchase. Activation will be possible from July 30th on You will be provided with full and detailed information shortly.

System requirements: Broadband connection with 1024kbit/s downstream OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.x Webbrowser: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2.0 or higher, Safari (Mac) 3 or higher Flash-browser plugin or higher


Event: Wacken Open Air 2009
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Alestorm - New Video Online

"Keelhauled", the new video from Alestorm, has been released. The track for the video comes off the groups recently released album "Black Sails at Midnight".


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Voivod - Entire New Album Available For Streaming

Canadian legends Voivod have just put their new album "Infini" (released June 12th) online as a stream. You can listen to the complete album - which is late guitarist's Denis "Piggy" D'Amours legacy - right here.

"Infini" cover art] tracklist:

01. God Phones
02. From The Cave
03. Earthache
04. Global Warning
05. A Room With A View
06. Destroy After Reading
07. Treasure Chase
08. Krap Radio
09. In Orbit
10. Deathproof
11. Pyramidome
12. Morpheus
13. Volcano


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Kittie - New Record Deal And New Album

E1 Music announces the addition of Canada's Kittie to its heavy metal roster. Under this worldwide deal, Kittie will release three albums for the label.
Kittie (Morgan Lander - vocals and guitar, Mercedes Lander - drums, Tara McLeod - guitar, and Ivy Vujic - bass guitar) have released four studio albums during its career which have sold collectively over 1,250,000 copies. The band's new album, "In The Black", is slated for release on September 15, 2009. Some new songs on the album are "Cut Throat, "Sorrow I Know" and "My Plague."

Kittie vocalist Morgan Lander says: "We are totally thrilled and honored to be working with Scott Givens and to now be part of the E1 family. We have been hard at work for the past few months perfecting our latest musical offering and are pleased with the final result of "In The Black". It is everything that Kittie is supposed to be: heavy, fast, brash and nasty, yet at times introspective, feminine and emotional. One thing it is not, however, is compromising of the sound and style that we have come to be known for. This shit is HEAVY! Our new label pairing with E1 will actualize the vision that we have held constant over the years for the band."

E1 Music VP of Metal Scott Givens adds, "As a band, Kittie truly is a one of a kind powerhouse. I know I speak for everyone at E1 Music when I say how excited we are to be working with them and launching "In The Black" to the masses."

Currently the band is working on Fall tour plans and will be shooting two videos during the month of July.

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Hour Of Penance - Rejoined By Former Guitarist

Guitarist Giulio Moschini of Italian brutal death metal band Hour Of Penance has posted the following update:

"After an almost three-years long hiatus, Hour Of Penance welcomes back the former guitarist and founder Enrico, who apparently got tired of the cold and dark Norwegian life... The band is now back as a quintet and will perform for the first time with the renowned line-up at the Armageddon In The Park Festival on August 1st. Join us there!"

Line up now is :

Giulio Moschini - guitars
Enrico Schettino - guitars
Mauro Mercurio - Drums
Silvano Leone - Bass
Francesco Paoli - Vocals

Soon more info about the new album to come.

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Leaves' Eyes - Tracklist Of New Album Revealed

According to several webstores, the tracklist of Leaves' Eyes upcoming new album "Njord" will look as follows:

01. Njord
02. My Destiny
03. Emerald Island
04. Take The Devil In Me
05. Scarborough Fair
06. Through Our Veins
07. Irish Rain
08. Northbound
09. Ragnarok
10. Morgenland
11. The Holy Bond
12. Forya's Theme
13. Landscape Of The Dead
14. Les Champs De Lavande

The Leaves' Eyes album "Njord" will be released August 28th 2009, the EP "My Destiny" will be already out July 24th 2009. A picture of the cover art can be found here.


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Guilt Machine - Album Release Dates And Album Info

The following news has been posted on the official site of Arjen Anthony Lucassen:

"We're happy to finally announce the European release dates and details of the forthcoming album from Arjen's new project, Guilt Machine! The album, titled "On This Perfect Day," will be released by Mascot records on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: 28 August
Europe: 31 August
USA: Date still pending

The art for the cover (pictured above) and booklet was created by Christophe Dessaigne, a talented new artist whom we discovered (quite by chance) while browsing Flickr. Coincidentally, it turned out that Chris is an Ayreon fan, and was thrilled beyond belief when we asked him to do the artwork. The Guilt Machine logo and packaging layout were created by Thomas Ewerhard.

On This Perfect Day will be released in 3 different editions:

Limited Edition 32-page Digibook (CD + DVD)
Special Edition Digipack 24-page booklet (CD + DVD)
Regular Edition jewel case, 24-page booklet (CD only)

Track List:

CD (all editions):
1] Twisted Coil (11:43)
2] Leland Street (8:03)
3] Green and Cream (10:32)
4] Season of Denial (10:22)
5] Over (6:11)
6] Perfection? (10:46)

DVD (Limited and Special editions only):

Audio Bonus Tracks:
1] The Stranger Song (L. Cohen) - vocals Jasper (4:53)
2] Michelangelo (J. Campbell) - vocals Arjen (3:23)
3] Fan Messages (8:14)
4] Perfection? - guide vocals Arjen (9:37)
5] Twisted Coil - radio edit (4:17)
6] Pull me out of the Dark - radio edit (Green and Cream) (3:36)
7] Over - radio edit (3:56)

1] Trailer "On this Perfect Day" (4:33)
2] Making of the Trailer (3:44)
3] Interview with Guilt Machine (40:03)

Guilt Machine:
Arjen Lucassen: instruments, backing vocals
Jasper Steverlinck (Arid): vocals
Chris Maitland (ex Porcupine Tree): drums
Lori Linstruth (ex Stream Of Passion): lead guitar

Next week's newsletter will contain pre-order information and.... links to the first audio samples, so stay tuned!"


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Melechesh - Start Recording New Material

The following update was issued on Nuclear Blast's website:

"Ashmedi and Moloch are locked up in Sulphonic recording studio in Rotterdam working on demos for the follow up to "Emissaries", the 5th Melechesh album and first for Nuclear Blast Records.

The band are aiming to keep the album Multi dimensional when it comes to the atmosphere of the songs, one of the new elements will be a couple of songs written and recorded entirely with 12 strings electric guitars.

Ashmedi will then head to Istanbul where he will meet prominent musicians there so as to explore the eastern musical traditions of the city."

Commented Ashmedi: "Istanbul is a place where Eastern and Western Music have been perfectly interwoven for decades, and it is a great place to absorb musically and spiritually as Istanbul also has a very fascinating occult side to it as well!"

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