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Disillusion - Update From The Band

The following snippet of news was posted both on Disillusion's website and Myspace:

"Disillusion live in early 2010!

... to slowly get some stones into rolling (again) ... Disillusion are preparing for a small live tour in the coming spring of 2010. First confirmed show will be at the Winternichtstraum Festival on Feb19/20. More info and dates very soon.
Thank you all very much for your patience, concern and support in the band!
Really looking forward to seeing you all out there!"


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The Eternal - Band Update

Australian doom metallers The Eternal have issued the following update:

"The Eternal have been nominated as finalists at the Australian Metal Awards for best keyboard player (Chris Stevenson) for "Kartika". Mark and Chris will both be at the awards held at The Forum in Sydney, 7th November. Should be a great night!

The song "To Drown" off our album "Sleep of Reason" is featured in the upcoming motion picture "Tomboys". It's the first time one of our songs has been in a feature length film so make sure you check it out! The release date is 16.10.09.

We will be entering 301 Studio's in Byron Bay, Australia, to record our upcoming album on December 3rd. We are very excited to give you some more news on this in the next few weeks, something special is coming your way!"

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Cradle Of Filth - Update From Dani

Dani has posted a lengthy blog on his myspace page. The blog states that Cradle Of Filth have started working on a new album with "the skeletal structures of a few songs laid out", sounding "very much like the 'Godspeed...' album thrust up a gear".

He once again emphasises how stupid it was to sell such "candy balls" at this year's Bloodstock Open Air, regarding the incident that happened.

And also reminds us that his new book five years in the making, "The Gospel Of Filth" is finally ready to ore-order from the band's website.


The full message can be read here:

Greetings to all you merchants of menace and skinny villainesses, Dani here again with a belated update on all things fantastic and filthy;

At the time of writing, September is almost through, with skies fire-paved and a gorgeous Indian Summer settling like a phoenix on the East coast of England, the last few weeks finding me extremely busy with the trivialities of being at home and working in a band at the same time. Thus creativity has flourished under this wonderful boon and the first ideas for a new Cradle album have started to creep and crawl in the far-flung shadows of our combined imaginations. Bearing in mind we have merely the skeletal structures of a few songs laid out, that Autumnal vibe is already spreading like a mist, and the tunes are sounding very malefic indeed. Very much like the 'Godspeed...' album thrust up a gear.

Paul has moved to a luxury apartment on the dockside quay in Ipswich, the apocalyptic vision of a reddened sun split by the thin silhouettes of bobbing yacht masts, highly inspirational, tempering his writing with furious abandonment. In the meantime Martin is hard at work on his practice kit back in the Czech Republic, providing the midi backbone to Paul's initial structures, which are then later embellished by guitars and keyboards. Luckily Dave lives in spitting distance of Paul's new gaff, so he's in partnership with the basic skeleton of every track, which is then flown past Ashley (who has just moved this week from Phoenix to LA...), who then goes all symphonic on it's rugged ass. Things therefore are moving well towards our new, as-yet-untitled album, with a possible studio start date of early January to be ringed in all gothic diaries. Bring it on!

Now I think everybody got to hear about the stupid happenings at this year's Bloodstock with the kilo weight candy balls and the cancelled set, so much so this will be the last thing I'll say about it. Period. It's just a crying shame that some idiot ruined for so many people, least of all and very selfishly, me, as it was the last of our Summer festival run, it was on home turf and friends and family were present. Plus the weather was damn near perfect and there was a really cool vibe amongst people as the sun slunk towards our headline set. Aside from the fact that Paul, in really bad pain, had to be whisked to hospital for a body scan, two children, one of whom was handicapped, were almost hit by these deadly projectiles. And who the hell sells these things at a fucking festival anyway? Stupid beyond belief.


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Hypocrisy - Recruited Children Of Bodom Mainman As Tour Guitarist

Hypocrisy have enlisted the help of Children Of Bodom guitarist/frontman Alexi Laiho for their upcoming North American tour.

Alexi has agreed to temporarily fill the currently vacant guitarist spot on their tour alongside Ensiferum, Hypocrisy, Ex Deo, Blackguard and Swashbuckle.

Hypocrisy mainman Peter Tägtgren commented: "We're very happy to bring Alexi along on this tour and that he's helping us out with filling the 2nd guitarist position. Funny, the first Children Of Bodom show was a support gig for Hypocrisy. Since then me and Alexi have become very good friends. I've helped him with producing and he's helped me by contributing a guitar solo on one of my records with my other band Pain. There will be no shortage of alcohol on this tour that's for sure."


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Event: Ensiferum: Tour From Afar
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Opeth - Members Involved In Suicide Bus Crash

Earlier this week, Opeth's tour bus crashed into another car that made an unexpected U-turn in the middle of the highway as the band (minus Åkerfeldt, Axenrot, Äkesson who had flown home to Sweden) and their crew were on the way to Brussels/Belgium. Nobody in the band or crew got hurt, but apparently the driver of the other car got critically injured (and passed away later). Opeth will go ahead and play the Brussels date on the 17th as well as the remaining shows of the Progressive nation tour.

Guitarist/vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt has issued the following: "Myself, Axe, Fredrik and our soundman, Pontus Norgren decided to fly home to our families for a few days as the option would have been three days off in Brussels. Now I hear that our bus apparently crashed into this other car making a unexpected U-turn in the middle of the highway. Mendez and Per were on the bus together with the rest of our crew but nobody got hurt. They are however shocked and very shaken of course. The driver in the other car was critically injured. I've not heard back from anyone yet regarding his progress but apparently it's not looking very good. Hoping for the best however.

I don't know where or when this happened but I know the bus was heading from Dublin to Brussels. I'll let you know more as soon as I get some information, but as for now everyone in the band are safe and same with our crew. As far as I know the only injured person was the driver of the other car, which obviously is horrible enough! To be honest, I rarely think about things, accidents like this, but fuck man, it happens! My mind's all over the place and right now I don't want to go back out. But... the show in Brussels on the 17th and the remaining part of the tour will go ahead as planned."

But now it appears that the Opeth bus accident was actually the result of a suicide: their tour bus crashed into a driver aiming to take his own life. Mikael Åkerfeldt explains: "I just got a text from Mendez who says that the driver of the other car (who made the U-turn) that our bus crashed into, sadly passed away from his injuries. On top of that it seems as if it was a deliberate death-stunt from his side as the police had found a suicide-letter in the car-wreck.

This is just getting more odd and scary, I tell ya. I've no idea who he was but I have to say our condoleances goes out to his family and loved ones anyways either though we don't have a name at this point. I'm kinda lost for words here."


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Black Breath - Sign To Southern Lord Recordings

Southern Lord Recordings is eager to announce the official signing of Washington's Black Breath. Their riotous "Razor To Oblivion" MLP is set for re-release on Southern Lord this November 10th, and their debut full-length will see the light of day in early 2010.

Black Breath emerged from dank basements and dive bars in the belly of Bellingham, Washington in 2005. Bored by the region's apathy towards trenchant and punishing music, they combined elements of punk and metal with doses of the garage rock of their hometown. Their sound is acutely classic without being painfully retro; a ripping blend of Bathory, Celtic Frost, Poison Idea and Discharge.

Following a series of demos and a chain of below the radar tours across the continent, the band relocated to Seattle. Without even unpacking the van, Back Breath churned out the "Razor to Oblivion" MLP on their own Hot Mass imprint; a four song affair chock full of anger and distortion. 2009 saw the band touring heavily in support of this release, heading a charge across North America with Victims, Rise And Fall, and Trap Them.

With the Northwest winter casting a dreary shadow over Seattle, Black Breath is proud to announce their partnership with Southern Lord Records. The band's upcoming debut LP was recorded in June 2009 with Kurt Ballou (Converge, Trap Them, Cursed) at GodCity Studios. A much darker beast than previous efforts, the record features equal regiments of Swedish death metal, American heavy metal and sheer blasphemy. Their roadshow will hit the pavement in 2010. The band have a show coming in November with D.R.I., with more to be announced soon.


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Suicidal Angels - New Video Online

"Apokathilosis", the new video from Greek metallers Suicidal Angels, has been made available online.

"Apokathilosis" comes off the band's forthcoming album, "Sanctify The Darkness", which will be released on November 20 via Nuclear Blast Records.

"Sanctify The Darkness" cover art] tracklist:

01. Bloodthirsty
02. The Pestilence Of Saints
03. Inquisition
04. Apokathilosis
05. ...Lies
06. No More Than Illusion
07. Atheist
08. Beyond The Laws Of Church
09. Mourning Of The Cursed
10. Dark Abyss (Your Fate Is Colored Black)
11. Child Molester


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Fozzy - Two New Songs Online

Fozzy - the band featuring WWE Wrestling Superstar Chris Jericho and Stuck Mojo mastermind Rich "The Duke" Ward - release their 4th album "Chasing The Grail" through Riot Entertainment worldwide on January 19th, 2010.

After the massive success of "Martyr No More", Link] which became a YouTube sensation with over 40 000 plays in its first 3 days, Fozzy have launched the albums next track "Let The Madness Begin" Check it out here.

The cover art for "Chasing The Grail" was designed by George Lenox.


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Manowar - To Tour The World In 2010

The band have announced that they will embark on their "Death To Infidels World Tour 2010" next year. Two German dates have been announced, the rest are to follow.

"That's right! The Kings Of Metal are hitting the road again. Marking Manowar's first world tour since 1998, Death To Infidels World Tour 2010 is sure to be a grand testament to one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. Don't miss the chance to see Manowar in all their glory as they take up the reins for their first globetrotting assault in more than a decade.

Tickets for some of the shows in Germany are already on sale! This is the first time Manowar goes on an indoor tour of Germany since 2007. Add to this up-and-coming Magic Circle Music artists HolyHell and Metalforce and the Death To Infidels World Tour 2010 is sure to be one of the "don't miss" spectacles of the New Year.

More dates, both in Germany and elsewhere will be announced soon!"

There will also apparently be "special surprises in store for those who attend the shows", where the details of this are to be announced soon.

"Make your pilgrimage to the altar of metal and bow down before the mighty Manowar.

Death To Infidels World Tour 2010 - Believe. Behold. Become."

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Pantheist - Looking For New Guitar Player

Pantheist have posted the following news on MySpace:

"Following 3 great years of collaboration, fantastic times at gigs, in tour vans and the studio, we have sadly decided to part ways with guitarist Pete Benjamin (Akercocke, Corpsing, For The Blind). For the upcoming gigs this year, our Belgian, Czech and Polish fans will have the opportunity to witness Pantheist with Esoteric's Greg Chandler joining Ilia on guitar duties. We are really excited about this one-off set of appearances, as Greg, who engineered our latest album "Journey Through Lands Unknown", brings his own flair into our music.

Following these concerts we will be looking into recruiting a suitably talented and open-minded replacement for Pete. We are looking for someone capable of both rhythm and lead guitar, with their own equipment, suitable for live performances and willing to commit to at least 3 rehearsals a month in London, England. Live and recording experience and skills in other instruments are not necessary but highly welcome. If you feel you are the right person for the job, contact the band at the MySpace site."


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Sigh - New Album In January

Sigh mainman Mirai Kawashima has issued the following update:

"Finally, here we reveal the cover artwork for our eighth studio album, "Scenes From Hell". It was designed by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Mekong Delta, Gwar, etc). We're truly proud of the artwork. This is the perfect descrition of what the album is about - namely War, Hell and Death!

The End Records has set January 19, 2010 release date for this album.

As reported before, it features a real string quartet and real orchestral instruments such as trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, flute, clarinet and so on, and it turned out to be the perfect score to the scenes from hell. We can assure you that this is by far the most grandiose and powerful album by Sigh. Also, the album features the great aural cooperations from David Tibet (Current 93) and Kam Lee."

"Scenes From Hell" cover art] tracklist:

01. Prelude To The Oracle
02. L'art de Mourir
03. The Soul Grave
04. Musica In Tempora Belli
* - The Red Funeral
* - The Summer Funeral
* - Musica In Tempora Belli
05. Vanitas
06. Scenes From Hell


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Venom - The South American Dates Of Hell Tour

Venom will be embarking on a tour of South America this coming December 2009. The bands management commented: "we started looking into the possibility of organising a Venom tour in South America a couple of years back, Venom have a massive following in Latin America, and now that the bands Agent has organised a fantastic tour with the Promoters, the band immediately agreed to take time out from recording the new album to start their rehearsals for the tour.é

The dates are as follows:

Dec. 05 - Mexico, Mexico City - Circo Volador
Dec. 06 - Colombia, Bogotá - Teatro Metropol
Dec. 09 - Chile, Santiago - Teatro Caupolican
Dec. 10 - Argentina, Buenos Aires - Teatro Flores
Dec. 12 - Brazil, São Paulo - Victoria Hall


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Event: Venom: The South American Dates Of Hell Tour
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Type O Negative - Keyboardist To Sit Out US Tour

Type O Negative have issued the following update:

"For the last several months, Josh Silver has been in school working towards certification as a paramedic. He is in the heart of the program and will be unable to tour with the band on the upcoming dates. Rest assured, Josh remains a member of Type O Negative and will continue working with the band going forward. With that said, we would like to announce that stepping in on keyboards for the dates will be Scott Warren from Heaven And Hell/Dio."


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Event: Type O Negative: N. American Tour
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Annotations Of An Autopsy - Album Cover Artwork Revealed

Annotations Of An Autopsy have just revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming second album, which can be viewed here. The tracklist will be announced soon.

"The Reign Of Darkness" is scheduled for a January 2010 release via Nuclear Blast.


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Orden Ogan - Sign With AFM Records

AFM Records presents a new high-class addition to its roster: Orden Ogan. The Melodic/Power/Folk Metal band from Arnsberg, Germany, is one of Europe´s hottest prospects of the last years. Orden Ogan have released their first own-pressed CD "Testimonium A.D." in 2004, to critical acclaim. Their label debut album "Vale" then followed in February 2008, with again critics praising the band´s undenieable qualities. Despite all their traditional Metal roots, the band never becomes stereotype, but sounds fresh and up-to-date. Symphonic keyboards melt into grinding guitar riffs, bombastic choirs and orchestral arrangements create an impressive wall of sound.

The new Orden Ogan album "Easton Hope" will be released in early 2010. It will be the band´s first world wide release. In August Orden Ogan already uploaded their new video clip „We Are Pirates", which can we viewed here. The song was used by Germany´s biggest TV station RTL for several trailers that aired during the station´s Formula 1 broadcast. More info on the new hopefuls of German Metal can be found here.

The band comments: "We always wanted to have a label that really believes in the band and gives 110% for Orden Ogan. We're very happy to announce that we signed in with AFM records and are absolutely sure that this is the right decision and the right Partner for Orden Ogan. AFM are one of the leading German metal labels as you can see when you take a look at the roster: Doro, Destruction, U.D.O. and so on... We're very proud to be part of the family now and are looking forward to our years and releases at AFM. Our new record "Easton Hope" will be released January 2010."


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