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Helstar - To Release 2CD/DVD Boxset

Helstar is without a doubt one of the originators of American Heavy Metal. Metal Blade will now release the Rising From The Grave boxset which includes remastered versions of the A Distant Thunder and Nosferatu albums. The boxset also includes the brand new DVD Twas The Night Of A Hellish Xmas. The Rising From The Grave cover art] boxset will be released the 2nd/5th of July 2010 in Europe.

The DVD was recorded live at the Backstage Club in Houston, TX on December 25th 1989 and features original Helstar members James Rivera on vocals along with Larry Barragan and Jerry Abarca. It's the first authorized Live Video recording by 80's Power Metal icons Helstar. Mastered by Ty Tabor (King's X) and James Rivera.

The setlist of that show was as follows:

01. Swirling Madness
02. The King is Dead,
03. Evil Reign
04. Abandon Ship
05. Baptized in Blood
06. To Sleep Per Chance to Scream
07. Harker's Tale
08. The Cursed Has Passed Away
09. Scorcher
10. Angel of Death


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Valefor - New Video Online

Below you can watch the first video clip of Valefor - the Izmir based depressive black metal one-man project of Sargathus. The track is entitled "Lifes Belongs to Darkness ", and appears on the album Screams Of Suicide. An album tracklist is to be found here, with further album-related developments to be announced soon.



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Miseration - Part Ways With Guitarist, Replacement Announced

The following news was retrieved from the MySpace of Swedish death metal squad Miseration:

"Unfortunately, we have some sad news for you all. For personal reasons, guitarist Jani Stefanovic has decided to part ways with both Miseration and Swedish melodic death metal act Solution. 45.

In an official statement Jani states: "For several years I have been working with many talented musicians and done many albums in a very short period of time. Music is my passion, but over the last year or so, I have felt that I want to focus more on quality time with friends and family. I do not intend to quit music, but at this point I feel that I am not ready to commit to these bands as much as would be necessary. I just feel that my personal life is striving for something else than the rest of the guys in Solution .45 and Miseration. There´s absolutely no bad blood between us and I do wish both bands great success, cause they are really good, with nothing but quality people in them. Us parting ways has consequently notning to do with musical- or personal differences, or anything like that for that matter. I just feel that this is not my place to be right now. I am very satisfied with the result of both the Solution .45 debut album and the latest one from Miseration and do feel that I can leave with my head held up high."

We want to stress two things:

While we are extremely sad to see our brother go, there is no bad blood between Jani and ANY of the Miseration or Solution .45 members whatsoever. We respect Jani's wishes and so should you. In fact, Jani, and the boys will still be found jamming together in The Few Against Many and possibly future outings to come.
Both bands will move on, stronger than ever. We are happy to announce Tobias Alpadie of Jesiah, as Miseration's new second guitarist.

More news as it happens!"


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Masterplan - Cancel Appearance At Masters Of Rock

Quasi-legendary metal act Masterplan were scheduled to play the Masters Of Rock Festival (Czech Republic) - their first live show in long while - but are unfortunately forced to cancel that trip due to an injury of guitarist Roland Grapow.

Roland Grapow himself commented in an official statement: "We feel very sorry to announce that Masterplan can not perform at the Masters of Rock Festival this year. Due to a sinew inflammation from myself I am unable to play guitar for longer than a few minutes and hope that I will be cured soon. Therefore, we reschedule our Tour plans at the moment to the second half year of 2010. We hope to get a new chance to play in 2011 on the Masters of Rock and feel very sorry to disappoint you and our fans."


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Event: Masters Of Rock
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Adagio - Guitarist Working On Instrumental Solo Album

Adagio guitarist Stéphan Forté submitted the following post on the band's MySpace blog:

"It's been a very long time since I wanted to do this. I've started to work on the first ideas a couple of years ago and am now spending 100% of my working time on it. So far, 7 songs are composed and today I am in the middle of the 8th one. It will be around 9 songs I guess. Musically, it's very shred, dark and neoclassical oriented.

The Metal influences goes from shredders such as Cacophony (Becker and Friedman) Haji's Kitchen, Derek Taylor, Scott Stine etc.. to bands like Meshuggah, Dream Theater... There's a lot of Middle Eastern, Indian and Japanese traditional music elements mixed with a classical influences, going from romantic (Chopin, Liszt, et..) to some more contemporary composers such as Bartok, Prokofiev, Messiaen, Penderecki etc... And of course it's massively Heavy My Lâg is tuned down to A, and I might now use this for Adagio as well."


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Kylesa - Ready To Enter The Studio

Between extensive tours of Europe, Kylesa will enter the studio on May 31st to begin recording the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed album Static Tensions. The new album is the band's debut for the band's new label Season of Mist Records.

The sessions will take place over the month of June at the legendary Jam Room in Columbia, SC with Phillip Cope (Baroness, Withered) at the helm as producer. The band is very excited about the new material, with writing ongoing since January of this year.

After the completion of the recording the band will return to Europe supporting Converge through August, with US touring plans to be announced shortly.


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Metal Storm & Hellfest: Contest Up Until June 6th!

Good news for all of you who've been trying hard to get the correct answers to the Hellfest 2010 Contest.

We're giving you one more week to dig the Hellfest website, so now you have until June 6th!
Still not enough? Well, ok here are a few hints that should help you:

1. When was the first band announced for the 2010 edition?
Hint: They play black metal

2. Which Hellfest 2010 band has never played live before?
Hint: Think French!

3. What type of beer is Hellfest's new 6.66% Hellbeer?
Hint: Seriously, search the Hellfest site again!

4. How many hectoliters of beer were consumed during the Hellfest 2009?
Hint: Hum, think... no, it's more!

To answer, fill the form here.

Don't waste your time! The contest will be over on June 6th (or June 5th at 24:00 if you prefer) and there will be no more extra time!
Hellfest 2010 will once again take place in Clisson France, on June 18/19/20. Come with us to celebrate the 5th edition!


Event: Hellfest Open Air 2010
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Isis - Final Release Details

As announced last week with great sadness, Isis are calling it quits. The band's label has now announced the details of the band's latest release, a split CD with Melvins. Here's the official Hydra Head press release:

"The long running and the longer running. The finite and the perpetual. Two of the last studio tracks from a band now in their final days, and two songs from a band who will potentially outlive us all. Isis. The Melvins. If you enjoy music of the heavier variety and haven't heard either of these aural entities you are also probably unaware of other modern developments such as disposable contacts, the internet, and Snuggies.

As mentioned above the two Isis songs featured on this split are amongst the last recorded output to be released by the band, and are (relatively) exclusive to this 12". The first, "Way Through Woven Branches" has previously only been available as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of their most recent full length Wavering Radiant. The second track "Pliable Foe", has never been released anywhere, and believe or not (at the time of this writing anyway), has managed to escape being sucked into the shadowy vortex of illegal internet file sharing. Both tracks were recorded during the sessions of the aforementioned Wavering Radiant album and continue along the trajectory established therein - in other words, long and winding strands of melody wrapped around jagged blocks of shuddering distortion. A fitting close to a continually evolving but coherently developed cannon of recorded works, and appropriately paired with one of their early and admitted influences, that being The Melvins.

The Melvins tracks featured on the flipside of this platter are culled from their latest full length album "The Bride Screamed Murder", albeit in highly altered forms from what appears there and are exclusive to this release. Remixed and reworked by the band themselves along with the help of ever nimble and able engineer and ally Toshi Kasai, these tracks are prime examples of The Melvins persona as we've come to know it - alternately jarring, tuneful, heavy, and bizarre. While the album versions of these tracks may fall further on the side of the "heavy" and "rocking", on display as presented here is the dadaist/trickster tendencies of the band which has frustrated and delighted fans in equal measure since (very nearly) the beginning of their existence. Never content to let the listener settle into a comfortable groove, the will to disrupt and dismay may prove satisfying for some and confounding for others. In any case, if you know and love The Melvins (like we do) these songs will be another must have addition to their ever growing library of aural curios."


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Buried Inside - Put On Indefinite Hiatus

Canadian metallers Buried Inside are going on an indefinite hiatus after a career of thirteen year.

Andrew Tweedy, vocalist and guitarist of the band, said the following in an interview with Exclaim!: "We've sort of refrained from calling it a break-up. We're playing a few more shows, which will be our last, and then taking a break with no intention of resuming as of right now. It's less dramatic, I suppose. Life is catching up with us, I guess. It's hard to just take one step back at this point. You're kind of in or you're out... we've been less and less available for shows and tours the last little while, and ultimately the timing seemed right. The idea of continuing on half-hearted is the opposite of what this band has always been about."

The band will do two more shows this week and one final goodbye show in Ottawa somewhere in autumn.

05/27/2010 - Toronto, ON - Sneaky Dee's (with KEN Mode, Titan, Engineer)
05/28/2010 - Montreal, QC - Katacombes (with Titan, Ensorcelor)


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Disbelief - Two New Songs Online

Germany's Disbelief have uploaded two new tracks on MySpace. Check the link to listen to "The Last Force:Attack" and "The Eyes Of Horror" off Disbelief's upcoming album Heal!. More info on Heal! at this location.


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In Vain - Have A New Guitarist

Norwegian Progressive Death metallers In Vain have announced that session guitarist Kjetil D. Pedersen is now a parmanent member of the band. Pedersen was the band's session guitarist since the release of the band's latest release Mantra in January. The band adds: "Great guy and we are very happy to have him on board!"


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Shadows Fall - US Off-Dates With Winds Of Plague

While Shadows Fall are out on this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival (with Korn, Rob Zombie, Lamb Of God etc.) they are also going to be playing a few off dates in select cities. The band will be teaming up with their friends in Winds Of Plague on all of the dates and Chimaira on one show. The dates are as follows:

07/12 Bend, OR @ Bend Event Center
07/22 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
07/26 Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights (with Chimaira)
08/02 Charleston, SC @ The Oasis
08/09 Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero


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Firewind - Album Update

Firewind are checking in at last with good news regarding current activities as well as first details about their upcoming new studio album, which was completed throughout the last months and which will be ready to be launched worldwide via Century Media Records in the autumn of 2010.

Firewind mastermind and current Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. checks in as follows: "I know it's been a few silent months, but this time we decided to be pretty quiet about the recording process of our new album. Anyways, before we go into revealing more info, we recently did a very fun project which was to be a part of Metal Hammer UK's Tribute CD to Judas Priest, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the British Steel album.

We actually recorded everything for that cover song in our home studios and then passed over the files to Fredrik Nordström / Studio Fredman in Sweden for the mix. This also marks our first recording with our new drummer, Michael Ehre and the end result is killer (in our humble opinion), as we got to cover one of Metal's most classic songs: "Breaking The Law"!

As for our new album, it's scheduled for a release sometime this autumn and the name of it is Days Of Defiance. We'll soon check back and reveal more info, song names, etc."


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Arch Enemy - First International Metal Act To Play The Maldive Islands

Arch Enemy are scheduled to perform as the first ever international metal band on the Maldives at the Rockstorm Festival on 23rd July at Alimas Carnival, Malé, Maldives. Support will come from local act Nothnegal.

Michael Amott comments: "Just when we thought we'd run out of new territories to play with Arch Enemy... This offer came to us through the good people at Rock Storm in the Maledives... Curious as we are - we obviously grabbed the opportunity to go and do this! We'll bring the tunes and sunscreen SPF 666!"

International audience can purchase discounted travel packages to the Maldives via the Rockstorm website soon.


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Event: Rockstorm III
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The Dead - Ritual Executions Album To Be Re-Released

The brand new India-based record label Diabolical Conquest has announced it's first release ever. They posted the following announcement:

"The second full length album of The Dead is a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping death metal and miasmic sludgy doom like no other. Perfectly arranged to maintain a sublime, engrossing balance, the combination of sharp, visceral hooks and massive doom trudges with remarkably groovy parts render Ritual Executions one of the most unique and fascinating albums to be released in this era. The remixing and remastering done by Aphotic Mote (Portal) specially for this DC Records version makes the originally dense and suffocating Ritual Executions much more breathable but retains the rawness and underground vibe that bring The Dead to life. The modified artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee suitably captures the essense and horrific otherwordly feel of The Dead's music - only a band member could achieve that.

Ritual Executions Pre-Order Limited Offer
7 EUR / $8 USD / $9 AUD - postage paid WORLDWIDE!
Paypal ID:

(Don't forget to mention your address in the note when making the payment.)

Buy now because prices are sure to increase after the album is released. The official release date of Ritual Executions is June 28, 2010.

The Dead MySpace, DC Records."


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