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06.03Katatonia - New Video Posted Online
12.02Katatonia - Spanish/Portuguese Tour Confirmed
08.12Katatonia - Czech Republic Date Cancelled
28.09Katatonia - Tribute Album Details Revealed
16.08Katatonia - Turkish Fan Site Online
26.07Katatonia - Announce Turkey Tour
20.06Katatonia - MAMF Festival Cancelled
13.06Moonspell, Katatonia, Daylight Dies - Confirm N. American Tour
29.05Katatonia - Hungarian Festival Confirmed
23.05Katatonia - New Single / TGCD Vinyl
30.11Katatonia - Complete New Album Details Revealed
14.09Katatonia - Finishes New Album
10.09Katatonia - Studio Update
08.03Katatonia - Saw You Drown LP Release
18.02Katatonia - DVD Delayed

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Katatonia - New Video Posted Online

Katatonia's brand new video for the song 'July', shot and directed by Charlie Granberg, has been posted online at

Commented Granberg: "It's basically a perfomance video. But I wanted the feeling of the band playing in a very rough, abandonded or even bombed out house, in an extremely warm country like Mexico or somewere in the middle east. Dark on the inside, but with sunbeams searching their way through the dust, hitting the bandmembers here and there. I really wanted the feeling of the outside world being so much better and brighter than the place the band is in. The biggest challenge with this video I think, was that I wanted to use really warm and grainy colours, wich is kinda rare in this type of music, but at the same time wrap it in a gloomy, apocalyptic feeling. But I think the balance is there and I'm happy the band liked it so much."


Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 06.03.2007 by pyroleprechaun | Comments (7)

Katatonia - Spanish/Portuguese Tour Confirmed

Katatonia guitarist Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström has posted the following on the band's official website:

"Since Spain was left out of the european tour back in spring last year, we're happy to be able to fullfill our fans requests and finally come down to do what we do best in April (better late than never, right?). The last time we played in Spain was over three years ago, so this is an ideal comeback. And the good news doesn't end here. We also have the honor to finally be able to play in Portugal for the first time ever (well kind of, we did play up north in a forest at a obscure festival once) and meet all our (until this day neglected) fans. All of this is bound to be an exciting spring time, so dont miss out!"


Band profile: Katatonia
Event: Katatonia Spanish/Portuguese Tour 2007
Posted: 12.02.2007 by X-FrEaK | Comments (2)

Katatonia - Czech Republic Date Cancelled

Swedish metallers Katatonia have issued the following update:

"The promoter Shindy Productions has cancelled Katatonia's appearance for the upcoming Czech/Prague gig on December 15th according to their official explaination, that reads as follows:

'The problem is that we have beed forced to move the show to the smaller venue due to some problems with the original venue. As far as the new venue has restricted capacity we could not provide the show for all the bands we originally planned to."

As we've failed to find a replacement for this date, no show in Czech Republic will take place at this time, but maybe in mid-2007. The announced gigs in Hungary and Serbia are not affected by this and will go on as planned."

Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 08.12.2006 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Katatonia - Tribute Album Details Revealed

Northern Silence Productions will release a tribute double album to Katatonia on December 12. The set includes no less than 17 bands covering 18 songs from the early and mid-'90s-era Katatonia and has a running over 100 minutes. The 20-page booklet will feature artwork by Kristian "Necrolord" Wahlin. The release will be available as limited two-CD digipack, two-CD jewel case and limited two-LP gatefold sleeve (including poster).

The track listing is as follows :

1. Foscor - "Midwinter Gates"
2. Foscor - "Gateways Of Bereavement"
3. Beatrik - "The Northern Silence"
4. Forest Stream - "Without God"
5. Aeveron - "Shades Of Emerald Fields"


Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 28.09.2006 by Damnated | Comments (5)

Katatonia - Turkish Fan Site Online

The Great Cold Doom Band's Turkish Fan Site is now online.
Check out for the updates and news.
Content is being updated daily. Run through shoutbox to share your comments, or forum to talk all about the band.....

Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 16.08.2006 by MaSTeMa | Comments (1)

Katatonia - Announce Turkey Tour

Doom Metallers Katatonia have announced that they will be doing a tour through Turkey. They will be returning to Turkey in September, for a four date tour. Katatonia have toured Istanbul before, but no other Turkish cities. The band is looking forward to visiting Turkey. Here is a small comment: "It has always been a pleasure coming to Istanbul, so this time it should be exciting to visit the remaining cities as well."

Here are the exact dates of the Turkish shows:

Sep. 14 - Yeni Melek, Istanbul
Sep. 15 - Dungeon Club, Izmir
Sep. 16 - Saklikent, Ankara
Sep. 17 - 222 Club, Eskisehir

Band profile: Katatonia
Event: Katatonia Turkey Tour
Posted: 26.07.2006 by Necromancer_S | Comments (1)

Katatonia - MAMF Festival Cancelled

Katatonia has announced the cancellation of the MAMF festival in their official website:
"Since the promoter couldn't live up to what was signed and agreed for, our appearance at the MAMF festival in Hungary has been cancelled. However, we're already looking at the possibilities of returning to Hungary in the autumn for a club gig with additional dates in countries such as Romania, Serbia and maybe even Croatia - all previously unvisited by Katatonia."

Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 20.06.2006 by Zamoth | Comments (0)

Moonspell, Katatonia, Daylight Dies - Confirm N. American Tour

Moonspell, Katatonia, and Daylight Dies have confirmed the following dates for a North American tour:

Oct. 20 The Loft Poughkeepsie New York
Oct. 21 Mark's Place Bedford New Hampshire
Oct. 22 B.B. Kings New York City New York
Oct. 23 The Medly Montreal Canada
Oct. 24 L'Imperial Quebec City Canada
Oct. 25 Opera House Toronto Canada
Oct. 26 Peabody's Cleveland Ohio
Oct. 27 IRock Detriot Michigan
Oct. 28 Pearl Room Mohena Illinois
Oct. 29 Star Central Columbia Heights Minnesota
Oct. 31 Lliff Park Salon Aurora Colorado
Nov. 2 Studio Seven Seattle Washington
Nov. 3 Rock N' Roll Pizza Portland Oregon
Nov. 4 The Pound San Francisco California


Band profile: Moonspell
Posted: 13.06.2006 by Lyrinan | Comments (0)

Katatonia - Hungarian Festival Confirmed

Katatonia are set to play the MAMF festival in Hungary on August 4th.

Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 29.05.2006 by Zamoth | Comments (0)

Katatonia - New Single / TGCD Vinyl

The new single Deliberation is out now. The b-sides are two new exclusives, with the first song being a complete re-make of the In The White, now stripped down with acoustic guitars in a contemporary approach for a true urban lullaby sound. The second b-side is yet another unreleased song from the album sessions entitled Code Against the Code. Furthermore, a video for Deliberation once again shot and directed by Charlie Granberg, will be accompanied by the single. The direction of the clip takes a more abstract turn this time, so be sure to expect a dark mixture of reality and animation.

Full track listing for the single:
1. Deliberation
2. In The White (urban dub)
3. Code Against the Code
4. Deliberation (video)


Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 23.05.2006 by Zamoth | Comments (0)

Katatonia - Complete New Album Details Revealed

Sweden's KATATONIA have set "The Great Cold Distance" as the title of their seventh full-length album, due on March 13, 2006 via Peaceville Records. The follow-up to 2003's "Viva Emptiness" was recorded at Fascination Street studios in the outskirts of Örebro, Sweden and was mastered at the Cutting Room in Stockholm.

"The Great Cold Distance" track listing:

01. Leaders
02. Deliberation
03. Soil's Song
04. My Twin
05. Consternation
06. Follower
07. Rusted
08. Increase
09. July
10. In The White
11. The Itch
12. Journey Through Pressure

A single, "My Twin", will precede the album on February 13. The single, which will be available for paid download on February 6, will feature the following track listing:


Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 30.11.2005 by Promonex | Comments (0)

Katatonia - Finishes New Album

Sweden's KATATONIA have posted the following message on their official web site:

"After spending literally the whole Swedish summer (and not seeing much of it) in a barn called Fascination Street studios, working day and night to finish our seventh full-length album, we finally made it — the album is recorded and mixed and will be mastered tomorrow at Cutting Room, Stockholm. Release date, album/song titles and artwork to be announced and presented in one of the next updates. Now, the band departs to Mother Russia for the weekend for a two-gig happening, a rather good oportunity to celebrate the massive work we now leave behind us. Let the vodka flow!"

Check out pictures of the recording/mixing sessions at


Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 14.09.2005 by undercraft | Comments (0)

Katatonia - Studio Update

"After a few needed breaks, including a kick ass visit at the Wacken festival with one of our side projects, we put ourselves under house arrest down the studio again. During these last weeks of early mornings and late nights, all the clean/lead guitars, loops, percussion and keyboards were finished. Currently, we're halfway through the last stage, recording vocals in studio B while the mix is running hot in studio A. It's taken all summer, but the most heavy, beautiful and professionally sounding album we've ever done is finally about to become full circle."

Taken From:

Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 10.09.2005 by telredion86 | Comments (0)

Katatonia - Saw You Drown LP Release

"Infinite Vinyl series will be releasing the Saw You Drown on 10" LP. This is the long out of print mini album from 1998 that collectors regard as the most rare and wanted item in Katatonia's discography. The vinyl version will be limited to 1000 copies, all hand numbered and will come in blue colored vinyl. It'll also feature an unreleased band photo, lyrics for all songs, plus personal liner notes from the band. The release date has been set for April".

Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 08.03.2005 by janhuss | Comments (0)

Katatonia - DVD Delayed

Katatonia had "put out on ice" the released of their DVD. In other news the band will be entering in the studio soon to work on their seventh album.

Band profile: Katatonia
Posted: 18.02.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

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