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Mercyful Fate - No Reunion At Hand

Rumours that Mercyful Fate was going to play again started after the wedding of one of Force Of Evil's guitarists on March 19th.

This is what was written back then on Covenworldwide, the official Mercyful Fate and King Diamond webpage:
"A rare meeting took place at Michael Denner's wedding on March 17th.. Members from original Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Force Of Evil and Zoser Mez were all present to support Michael in getting married. Mercyful Fate presented 5 members, King Diamond presented 3 members, Force of Evil presented 5 members and Zoser Mez presented 4 members. Ole Bang, Tourmanager of all 4 bands since the beginning, was making sure all musicians were in place for the photoshoot."
You can see that photo here.

It seams that many fans were expecting Mercyful fate reunion but Ole Bang wrote the following announcement on the official King Diamond and Mercyfull Fate webpage on May 2:
"Despite uncollaborated rumours I have to inform you; There is no plan for a Mercyful Fate reunion !!!"


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Posted: 03.05.2007 by Aronax Of Steel | Comments (6)

Belphegor - Finally Found A Drummer

According to official Belphegor webpage:

"Brachial Death/ Black titans Belphegor has announced the addition of drummer Tony Laureano to the group's ranks. First up is a European tour with Unleashed as well as an open air date in Germany (Gahlen Moscht). After that, there is a U.S. trek with Six feet Under and Malevolent Creation that will take place from the middle of June to the middle of July 07. Exact tour dates will be posted later this week.

Helmuth states: Hell yeah, it's true, nobody else than Mr. Laureano blasts for Belphegor in the next two monster tours (Europe/ USA).
He's a hell of a drummer and perfect for these shows. The rehearsals are goin to start on 7th of May in Abtenau/ Austria, more about this briefly..."


Band profile: Belphegor
Posted: 02.05.2007 by Aronax Of Steel | Comments (8)